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The Victorian Era

No description

Nancy England

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of The Victorian Era

The Victorian Era
(roughly 1837-1901)

What would you describe as typical
Victorian characteristics?

On p. 1017, your textbook lists several important dates in the Victorian era
However, there is overlap with the previous period, the Romantic era
The "Long Nineteenth Century" (roughly 1789-1914)
Early-Victorian Period (1830-48): A Time of Troubles (p. 1021)
Mid-Victorian Period (1848-70): Economic Prosperity, the Growth of Empire, and Religious Controversy (p. 1024)
Late-Victorian Period (1870-1901): Decay of Victorian Values (p. 1028)
Victorian Issues Overview
"Industrialism: Progress or Decline?"
"The 'Woman' Question: The Victorian Debate
about Gender"
"Empire and National Identity"
Married Victorians. Source: Retronaut.co
Early-Victorian Period
Mid-Victorian Period
Late-Victorian Period

Oxford St., London 1897. Source: Retronaut.co
"We are living in an age of transition"~John Stuart Mill
Queen Victoria and the Victorian Temper (p. 1019)
The Nineties (p. 1030)
"... a bridge between two centuries" (1021)
fin de siecle (end of the century): www.forvo.com/word/fin_de_siecle
Whitby, England. Photo by me.
The "Woman Question"
The New Woman
The Role of Women (p. 1031)
Greenblatt, Stephen, ed.
The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Victorian Age
. Volume E. 9th ed. New York: Norton, 2012.
Any photos not cited are pre-licensed for use via Prezi.com
Works Cited
Literacy, Publication, and Reading (p. 1034)
Victorian Teenagers. Source: Retronaut.co
Short Fiction and the Novel (p. 1036)
Poetry (p. 1037)
Prose (p. 1040)
Drama and Theater (p. 1041)
63 years and 7 months, beginning at age 18
"They also suffered from an anxious sense of something lost, a sense too of being displaced persons in a world made alien by technological changes that had been exploited too quickly for the adaptive powers of the human psyche" (1018).
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