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Transfer Student Orientation

No description

Tara Morlando Zurlo

on 31 March 2017

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Transcript of Transfer Student Orientation

Your Journey at Montclair State University
New School, New Rules: Policies & Procedures
Make sure to submit a final transcript to have your credits posted. If not, this may affect some of your requirements here.
AP/CLEP results must be sent to Admissions.
Make sure to submit your medical records to the University Health Center.
You need a minimum of 120 credits to complete your Bachelor’s degree.

Success Tips
Maintain a relationship with your primary and secondary advisors
Utilize Montclair State resources, such as the Tutoring and Writing Center
Get to know your professors-they are a great resource!
Check your NEST and University email accounts frequently
Have a plan for graduation!
Don’t be afraid to seek guidance or help

Today's presentation includes...
Review of Campus Policies
Review of the Degree Audit
Tips for Success

What do I need to do to stay in good standing at Montclair State?
The University requires students to maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA to remain enrolled.
Students with a GPA between a 2.0 – 2.25 will be placed in our STEER program.
Cumulative GPA's below a 2.0 will result in Academic Probation.
Students on probation have one semester to bring their grades up or be suspended from the University for a year

Tuition Payments
Bills are NOT sent home – only accessible via NEST
Due Date: January 9th, 2017
It is your responsibility to know when payments are due
Failure to pay on time may result in deregistration from classes.

Skills Testing
Academic Success Center: (973) 655-5425
Webster Hall, Rooms 304
Basic Skills Testing
Required for all students transferring in fewer than 24 credits.
Exemptions permitted for students transferring in the college level Math/English courses.
Testing scheduled through the Academic Success Center. Please contact at 973-655-5425 for any questions regarding Basic Skills Testing.

Math Readiness Testing
Required for all majors that have an upper level math course requirement (i.e. business, math, science)
Math 100: Intermediate Algebra
Math 111: Applied Pre-calculus
Math 112: Pre-calculus
Math 114: Business Calculus
Math 116: Calculus A
Math 122: Calculus
Students who have completed Math 100 or its equivalent with a C- or better are exempt from the math readiness testing. Please contact Academic Success Center at 973-655-5425 for any questions regarding Basic Skills Testing

Advising at Montclair State
Primary Connection-Faculty Advisor
Assists with course selection, scheduling, and academic planning for degree completion
Assists with developing, clarifying, and evaluating educational plans and goals
Has extensive knowledge in their field of study and can provide insight on the trends in the job market
Is a student’s best network contact!

Secondary Connection-Professional Advisor
Helps students identify and explore major and minor selections and/or alternatives
Helps clarify university policies and solve academic problems
Helps students identify campus resources
Is a knowledgeable campus resource

Breaking Down The Audit: Part 1
What are transfer waivers?
Transfer waivers remove program requirements from your Audit depending on work completed from previous institutions
General Education Waiver (AA or AS Degree from a NJ Community College)
Breaking Down the Audit: Part 2
Residence Requirement

Community College Transfers (with or without a degree) as per the NJ Comprehensive Statewide Transfer Agreement
Must take a minimum of 60 credits at Montclair State

All Other Students
The final 24 credits must be completed at Montclair State

What do I do with Section 2 of the Audit?
Section 2 of the Audit lists all remaining requirements
Review this section to determine what courses to take
Carefully read the instructions for each requirement

World Culture/World Language Requirements
Requirement is never waived but can be fulfilled through transfer credits

World Cultures Requirement
Can be fulfilled by a course that also fills a major or Gen Ed requirement

World Language Requirement - Must complete EITHER:
2 semesters of the same language at the introductory level (i.e. German I and German II
1 semester at the third or fourth level (i.e. French III)

Placement testing required if you have taken a language in high school or to be enrolled into the third or fourth level language courses

visit flp.montclair.edu to sign up for testing

Breaking Down the Audit: Part 3
Requirements Completed/In Progress
Lists all courses completed and in progress
Courses will be listed under the heading of the category they complete
AA/AS degree recipients from a NJ Community College will see all of their General Education courses listed as Free Electives

Free Electives
Courses that do not complete a specific major or general education requirement
Students with AA/AS Degrees from a NJ Community College will have all general education courses listed under free electives
DPT courses listed under Free Electives may fulfill an outstanding requirement
Courses listed with 0.00 credits indicates that final transcript info is pending. Follow up with Undergraduate Admissions

DPT Courses
courses that do not have an exact equivalent in our database
What do I do with DPT Courses?
Review your remaining requirements: Do you still need to take a course that you think may be met by a “DPT” course?
Review the MSU course catalog on NEST and make sure our course description matches the content of the course you took.
If a course is similar to one you previously completed bring course description/syllabus to the department for evaluation.

What if I am a transitional student (seeking admission into a restricted major) or wanted to look at other majors?
WESS allows you to "model" a different major to assess the number of credits needed to successfully complete another program
How do I register for courses?
Use your degree audit to select courses that are still needed to fulfill requirements
If necessary, inquire with departments about permits for courses that are closed
Be sure to work on any prerequisites you might need for any restricted majors of interest

January 16 : Martin Luther King Holiday (No Classes
January 17: Classes Begin
March 6-12: Spring Recess (No Classes)
April 14-16: Easter Holiday (No Classes)
May 2: Classes End
May 4-10: Examination Period
May 10: End of Semester
Important dates for Spring 2017
The Advisor section is located on the "Degree Audit"
Where do I find my advisor?
Transfer Student Orientation
Thank you!
Montclair State equivalent courses
are listed on the left
Transfer courses from other schools are on the right
Don't Forget to Update Your FAFSA
Montclair Code is 002617
Click here to
update your FAFSA
All of your financial aid information is located on NEST
Where is Financial Aid Located?
Make sure your FAFSA is sent to Montclair State University.
1.Your FAFSA was selected by the Federal Government to submit more information
2. Only submit information to Montclair State if you plan on attending
3. Look on NEST to see if you are in verification
Federal Verification
Click here

If coming in with 15+ credits or an Associates Degree (AA, AAS, AS) New Student Seminar is not a requirement
This section indicates
the courses that you
will still need to complete
1 credit is worth 1 hour of class time.
The Audit: Section 1
Course Evaluation
Still pending
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