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Prezi Adam Juan Justin

It's THE Prezi.

Gleneagle Talons

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Prezi Adam Juan Justin

The repression of freedoms and the strangulation of intellect deny a society's ability to gain and uphold the moral value and strength of Truth Brave New World 1984 The Island Characters Symbolism People will struggle and strive to discover truth in their lives.
Symbolism Characters Characters Human nature is attuned to discover or have truth revealed to it. Symbolism
The Electric Fence
Glass Paperweight Winston Smith The Renovatio Fanny Tomakin Big Brother Syme
Plot Incubation Rebellion Chastity Depravity One Party Female Exploitation Censorship Anti-hero Hollywood Hero IRONY!
Once there was a man named Henry Ford
And all those silly people thought he was the Lord

Hey! And don't forget John too
The Savage! He was feeling blue

He wanted to make a sacrifice
But he ended up with suicide
But nothing rhymes...... With suicide!!!

Man! Those people fornicate like rabbits
But never does the womb have a baby inside it

Hey Big Bro why won't you look out for me
If I try to say "Hi" I'll be hanging from a tree

And what about victory?
What's that got to do with me
Cause all I see..... is misery!
And the Truth Ministry
Everything they say is total B... S!

Surviving to die and winning to lose
All these clones want is a little ocean cruise

I'm Tom Lincon (x2)
No No No Tom Lincon is me
But please don't shoot my insurance policy

And thats our song.... about Irony!!

Lincoln 6 Echo Truth and reality can be manipulated and twisted in such a way to make it "subjective". Bernard Marx

Soma Rituals Zippers Ford The Moth The Island St Clement's Church Painting Stalin's Purges Popé Helmholtz Benito Linda Lenina Mustapha Mond
John the "Savage" Savage Rebellious Destructive "Seen but Unseen" Parsons Self-Preserving Curious Reckless Julia
O'brien Corageous Clever Proud Jordan 2 Delta
Doctor Merrick
Albert Laurent
Tom Lincoln
James McCord Tone Hopelessness Repulsive Distressing Suspenseful Setting Cold... Gritty... London Room 101 Futuristic London Malpais Squalor Cloning Facility Futuristic L.A.
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