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Hiker PBL

No description

Geta G

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Hiker PBL

1. How can you find the possible location of the hiker?
2. Once the possible locations are found, where should you direct the rescue crews to search and why?
We should direct rescue crews around the middle of the Park, because that is where the hiker mostly was through out the period of time. To be specific, around (-1,-1). We mapped out where the rangers are, and where the hiker is, and we decided to look in places that the hiker had been in hoping that they will cross paths.

We believe that finding the hiker will take at most 2-10 hours.
Thank you!
3. What do you think happened to the hiker?
We think hat the hiker had decided to come out for a relaxing a day, but soon was lost in Devil Den's State Park. In theory he had tried to contact forest rangers, but his radio was cutting in and out. As he was running low in supplies he decided to run in various places, though he walked most of the time. In the end we found the hiker, luckily with no injuries. He had claimed to see an endangered species and Devil Den's Park shut down to protect the found species. The hiker later died of a hiking accident at some other park.
Hiker PBL
By: Daven Knapp, Nick Mourouzis, Geetika Gogineni
A hiker is lost in Devil Den's State Park. The hiker had a radio which he was trying to stay in touch, but it kept cutting in an out. The forest rangers can use their own radios to determine what direction the hiker is in relation to their own location. His radio went dead after 45 minutes of the final communication with the rangers.
We decided to graph all point and in the end the hiker was mainly
in the middle
of the mapped out area. We believe that the hiker was moving around, but later decided that it would be easier to be found if he
stayed closer to one place
The Black lines are the trails that seem most important in finding the hiker
The Blue lines are all the other lines.
The Green dots are the coordinates of the hikers.
Ranger's Trail
Hiker's Trail
The Black lines are the trails that seem most important of where the rangers was that was at the same time closer to where the hiker was.
The Blue lines are the other trails.
The Green dots are the other coordinates of the ranger.
The Packet
Our Minds
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