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Maths in the Real world - Travel & Tourism

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Kathleen Heckford

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Maths in the Real world - Travel & Tourism

Maths In the Real World Travel & Tourism
Within travel and tourism you will be using Maths every day without even realising it.
Our objectives today are:
To examine how maths is used in a variety of job roles within Travel & Tourism.
Demonstrate how to create a Coach Pick up information sheet.

The below chart shows the probability of rain over the coming days. You may need to make a decision as to whether or not the Beach party can take place.

From the chart, we can interpret the data to make our decision. Friday will be a top of 22 degrees with a 60% chance of rain. Whereas Saturday will be 21 degrees with no chance of rain.
Interpreting this data allows us to make a decision to go ahead with an excursion or give the correct information to our customers.
This is an example of interpreting data based on probability. Being able to interpret the data and make a decision is an example of numeracy.

Being numerate will allow you to double to recipe so that you have enough Pesto Pasta to feed four people. Having problem solving skills, you know that you will need to double the recipe. In other words multiplication of 2.
To catch the bus to work you
need to read a timetable to determine
what time you need to leave in order to
arrive on time.

You also need to know the bus number so you can see when it arrives. This is being numerate.
Planning a coach schedule can be a tricky job. A resort team will need to organise how many coaches are needed and from what resort. They also need to consider how long it will take to reach the airport.
So your having friends over for dinner!
You are having 3 people over for dinner, making 4 to include yourself. You have decided to make a Pesto Pasta but your recipe will only cater for 2 people.
This will involve some
numeracy, specifically

So from looking at the weather to catching the bus you can now see how numeracy and maths can help you in your day to day life.

Consider these job roles, how would they use maths.

Overseas Resort Rep

Travel Agent

Cabin Crew

Special event manager

Overseas Resort Rep
Time tables.
Phone codes.reference numbers.
pick up times.
room numbers.
passenger numbers.
number of coaches and seats on coaches.
time changes.
Calculations for Health & Safety paperwork.
Money exchange.
Proffit margins.
Distance measurements.
The Fibonacci Sequence
Travel agent

Time tables.
Phone codes.reference numbers.
Flight times & duration of flights.
Airport codes.
Parking allocation numbers.
passenger numbers.
number of coaches and seats on coaches.
time changes.
Calculations for Health & Safety innoculations.
Money exchange.
Interpreting brochures and websites.
Temperature and rainfall figures.

Cabin Crew
If you look closely at a flower which still has all of the petals intact,
Time tables
pick up times.
Phonetic alphabet
pax numbers.
Seat numbers
time changes.
Calculations for Health & Safety paperwork.
Money exchange.
Distance measurements.
Flight times.
First aid mathematics.
So maybe functional skills maths will be useful after all.
Task Time
Events Manager

Cash handling
profit margins
room capacity
room measurements
exchange rates.
drinks/food measurements.
cost per heads

How many other things did you think of?
You would also need to know how many people can be seated on a coach.
This would be simple division eg.250 pax on a flight. How many coaches would we need if each coach s seat 45 pax.
Dates and times are improtant parts of Maths which are used on a daily basis for all people involved in travel and tourism
Everyone within the Travel & Tourism Industry uses the 24 hour clock. Why do you think this is?
00.00 what time is this?
Cabin crew have to deal with all types of different time zones. In general they use GMT. You will often see holiday flight details showing arrival and departure times in local times.
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