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Spanish Mission Systems

No description

texas history

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Spanish Mission Systems

Gateway Missions EastTexas
(Mainly) 120 Miles southwest of Larendo 1699 Spanish moved to Monclova In 1700 they found a spring
30* Miles from Eagle Pass Hot, dry and no water
Mission needed good water and good farming
land for mission to be
successful. Purpose was to convert Native
Americans to Christianity as well, as to expand Spanish territory. Founded on of the many missions there Layout of Mission One of many Gateways built Founded many more missions near by later. Established mission Preside del Rio Grande. (Red blip is Eagle Pass) Many Different monks were involved,
but about two monks* were in every
mission. Native Americans were treated with little, if not any respect. They were almost lower than the mission slaves. Native Americans were treated with little,
or no respect at all. They were almost
lower than the mission slave.* Quiz!! How many monks were in
a mission? Answer: 2 Answer: 2 How many miles was
Preside Rio Grand
from Eagle Pass? Answer: 30 Website:
http://www.texasbeyondhistory.net/gateway/index.htmlhtml *star means that this will be
on the quiz at the end. :) Questions? How were Native Americans
treated in a mission? Answer: Very poorly; they were almost
treated like a slave. Thanks for watching!
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