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Nervous System

No description

Reece Gilbert

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Nervous System

The Brain
The spinal cord
A little info. on types of neurons
The Nervous System
The nervous system is a part of your body that sends little signal waves to your other body parts, also these controls come from one place (central nervous system, a.k.a. the brain). That is one way that they can send signals to each other, the other way is that they can travel from place to place and these thing are called neurons. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, sensory organs, and all of the nerves that connect these organs with the rest of the body.
By: Dane Nelson, Henry Cowles, Jack Dolan, JD, and Reece Gilbert
As we said earlier there are three different types of neurons, Afferent, Efferent, and Inter Neurons.
The Afferent neuron is the one who sends the signals to different parts in the body.
Efferent neurons are the ones who go from place to place, they are known as the motor.
Also the Inter neurons are known as the reader to all the information the Efferent gives to the other part of the body.
Neurons are little electrical waves that go through the body from where the problem is to the central nervous system a.k.a the brain. Also there are three types of neurons Afferent, Efferent, and Inter neurons.
The brain is the central part of the nervous system and it is the main controller. Also the brain is the most important part of the nervous system and it has the biggest impact if it dies. Also there are millions of neurons in the brain.
The spinal cord is the
connector of the brain and
the body and it is the main
travel way of the neurons.
Also the way the
spinal cord is set up it's
the freeway for neurons.
All About Nerves
Nerves Continued...
Nerves control your your senses to your internal and external surroundings. It controls the messages that are sent to your brain and other tissues. They coordinate your voluntary moments. It also controls your breathing.
Sub Types of Nerves
Cranial Nerves: These nerves connect your eye (eyes, ears, mouth, and nose) to the brain.
Central Nerves: Connect areas within the brain and spinal cord.
Peripheral Nerves: Connect the spinal cord with the other limbs and tissues.
Extra Information
The cell body is the roughly round part of a neuron that contains the nucleus, mitochondria, and most of the cellular organelles. Small tree-like structures called dendrites extend from the cell body to pick up stimuli from the environment, other neurons, or sensory receptor cells. Long transmitting processes called axons extend from the cell body to send signals onward to other neurons or effector cells in the body.
Autonomic Nerves: Connects the brain and spinal cord with your organs, like your heart, intestines, stomach, blood vessels, and etc.
A nerve is bundle of fibers that transmits impulses of sensation to the brain or the spinal cord. Also it imports to the muscles and organs for strength. Als0 that is what makes the nerves sensitive because it is moving all around.
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