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Cuban Missile Crisis: America's Fault

The Many Reasons America is to Blame

Katianna Grabon

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Cuban Missile Crisis: America's Fault

Was It All Our Fault?
What would we have done?
America was flying spy planes over USSR territory but we refused to admit it until one of them was shot down by USSR forces.
Did we start it?
In the end of the 1950s, the United States had begun placing nuclear missiles in Europe. The United States made an agreement with Turkey on October 28 in order to place missiles (intermediate-range ballistic missiles, or IRBMs) in Turkey targeting the Soviet Union.

Did The President break a political rule?
President Kennedy broke a political rule by refusing to accept the Cuban Revolution. Cuba, whether Marxist or even Communist, was not a threat to America. It was because of the Americans not accepting Fidel Castro and having tried to remove him from power in the Bay of Pigs battle attempt to invade Cuba.
Miss Understandings
The building of missile launch sights in Cuba was taken as a threatening action made by Cuba and the USSR toward the United States when it was really just a way for the two groups to feel safe from the thought threatening acts of America. Cuba was scared of invasion where as the USSR was scared of the American missile bases in Turkey.
Thesis - America was behind the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was our fault not theirs.
1) We would have done the same thing in the situation
2) We started it by placing missiles in Turkey
3) The President broke a political rule by not accepting Cuba
My Thesis
The End
America was behind the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was our fault not theirs.
Who will win?
If America can why can't we?
We were threatened first.
We only want to help.
What the USSR was probably thinking when America was pointing fingers at them.
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