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Alaskan Cruise

My Dream Vacation

Matthew Lewenberg

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Alaskan Cruise

My Dream Vacation.. 7 Day Alaskan Cruise Why travel to Alaska? Alaska is known to have some of the most beautiful and unique scenery in the world. There are unforgettable glaciers and snow covered mountains. All of my previous traveling experiences have been leaving a cold place in order to reach a warm destination such as Mexico or Florida. I am excited to travel North and enjoy the beauties of Alaska. I can't wait to have an amazing time on a new type of vacation. How? I will be traveling on the Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Sea. The trip will depart from Vancouver, British Columbia. We will be making stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, Icy Strait Point and Skagway. The trips final destination is Seward, Alaska. This trip is jam packed with new experiences. Itinerary I am going to be boarding a flight from Pearson International in Toronto, Ontario at 10:30am and arriving at the Vancouver International airport at 12:30 pm (pacific time). The total cost of the flight is $2560.72. Arrival at 12:30pm will give me plenty of time to get to my 6:00pm departure. Since I tend to forget to pack all the essentials it will also give me time to purchase anything forgotten. What should I pack? Packing for this trip will be very different than all other trips that I have been pn. I am used to bringing clothing for hot weather, but now I have to make sure I have clothes that will keep me warm! This is my packing list:
My passport
Spending money
Essential toiletries
Casual clothing
Toque/gloves Warm clothing (layers)
Winter jacket
Water proof jacket
Comfortable shoes Nice shoes
Warm boots
Sun glasses
Evening attire All Aboard!!! I will be boarding the cruise ship on Friday July 12, 2013 at 6:00pm. The amazing room I reserved is a deluxe suite with a balcony where I can see the open sea. I am extremely excited to wake up each morning and enjoy having a warm drink over looking the sea. The cost of this reservation is $3,012 For my first dinner, I will be eating in the main dining room, which features all different types of food from different cultures. This will also be a place where I can meet some new friends. After dinner my new friends and I would head over to one of the on board clubs and have a few drinks. After a tiring day of traveling, I head of to bed and preparing ready for another amazing day at sea! A Day at Sea I plan on getting an early start to the day with a quick breakfast, at the Windjammer Cafe, and then a light work out. Following that I will make sure to adventure around the entire boat and check out all the amazing features the boat has to offer, such as a casino, library, pools and much more. Following dinner at the Jade Sushi restaurant, I will head to the comedy show. After the show I will head to my room and prepare for a big day at our first port Ketchikan. Ketchikan We have arrived at our first port Ketchikan, which is known as the salmon capital of the world. My first excursion is a flight seeing and crab dinning experience. A float plane will take me over the Tongass National Forest over waterfalls and mountains landing at a lodge where there will be true Alaskan hospitality. The feast will include fresh smoke salmon, salad, dungeness crab and cheesecake with Alaskan blueberry toppings. This excursion is a perfect way to begin my adventure in Alaska. There is a perfect mix of flying beside beautiful sites and tasting local cuisine. The total length of the excursion is 3 hours and will cost $222.75 I will be back on board at 3:30pm ready for our departure at 4:00pm. Following departure, I will spend some time relaxing by the solarium pool until dinner. Still full from that amazing meal, I will only have a light dinner at the Sorrento's Pizzeria. After my meal I will test my luck at the casino, then to bed preparing for the next port. Icy Strait Point I am going to enjoy sleeping in and order room service for breakfast. Following my meal, I will go for a quick workout and then get ready for my day at Icy Strait Point. I will take a vessel into the main land at 12:00pm and head to my flight glacier tour. We will be flying over whale feeding grounds, blue melt water lakes and deep crevasses. I have never seen any of these great sites and am so excited to witness such amazing views. I will be snapping pictures the entire time so I will be able to look back at the memories. This trip is 2 hours and will cost $312.00.
I will be back on board for my dinner reservation at 7:30pm at Chops Grill, a steakhouse. Following my meal, I will enjoy an on ice show. Since I have played hockey all my life I will truly understand and enjoy the skill that they are displaying. Juneau We have arrived in the capital of Alaska. Juneau has lots of great history to learn about. This excursion will involve me being at sea. I will be spending 4 hours chasing after halibut. Our boat will be stopping at local fishing hot spots in search for "THE BIG ONE". Not only will I be able to catch the fish, but captain will flash freeze my catch so I could eat it when I get back to my home in Toronto. This seems like a once in a lifetime chance and cant wait to be able to eat the fish I worked so hard for. I will have to make sure I dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes I am going to be out there for a while. I will also make sure I have a lot of gravel handy so I don't get seasick. The trip will be 5 hours long and will cost $326.00. I will arrive back on the ship at 4:00pm and head directly to the spa for a nice relaxing massage. My body will need it since I have been on the rough sea all day. Following the extremely calm spa session, I will have dinner at the chef's table where there will be amazing 5 course set meal. Later that evening I will be privileged to watch the award winning performance of Chicago. This will be a true treat for me since this will be my first ever "Broadway" type of experience. Skagway It is 7:00 in the morning and I am up watching the boat being docked at our next port. I am extremely excited for today's adventure since I am going to doing one of my favorite activities. I have a tee time booked at the Valley of Eagles Golf Links Course. Prior to my round I will be taken on a tour of the town, where I will see all the native culture. I don't have to worry about bringing my golf bag because the golf course will be giving me everything I need. Not only am I looking forward to playing a round of golf but also taking in all the breath taking features around me. The course is strategically placed where there is a constant mountain scenery with frequent sights of spawning salmon, bald eagles, moose, wolves and songbirds. I don't think I should venture too deep into the forest searching for my lost balls. The last thing I would want to do is bump into hungry wolf. I know that when I get back from my trip I will be giving a hole by hole description to all my friends. Maybe I will even get a hole in one! Then I will have an even better story to tell all of them. This once in a life time experience will take 6 hours and cost $168.30. For dinner that night I will eat in the main dinning room. Following such an amazing day, I will be feeling great and will want to go to the club and have even more fun. Glaciers Although I had a late night the night before I will want to be up nice and early because we will be passing the Hubbard Glaciers from approximately 7:00-11:00. This is something I have been waiting to see the entire trip and will be sitting on my porch with my camera by my side taking in each and every glacier. After passing the glaciers, I will head up to the sports deck and play some basketball and volleyball. I want to take full advantage of what the boat has to offer. Followed up with one last relaxing massage at the spa. At night, the cruise will be preparing a big feast followed with a parade throughout the boat celebrating an amzing trip. The party will lead into my last sleep aboard the ship. We have reached the final destination of my cruise in Seward, Alaska. Check out is at 10:00am and my flight to Toront is at 3:00pm. I will be on a connecting flight through Vancouver. The flight will cost $3760.92. As I am leaving the boat, I will have mixed emotions. I will be upset that this amazing trip is over yet so happy that I have completed my dream vacation. Cost Breakdown Cruise Fare: $3,012
Air Fare: $6,322
Excursions: $1,029
Leisure: $300
Miscellaneous: $500
Total: $11,163 CAD I feel that a cruise is an amazing way of traveling because you can travel to so many different places in a certain amount of time. It brings together all different types of food with an amazing amount of entertainment all within walking distance. The ship simplifies your travels and gives you the comfort of being in a safe place. There is always someone making sure you have the best experience possible. I hope that one day I will be able to live out this dream vacation that I have planned. I know this trip would be one that I never forget and have amazing memories to look back on. Matt Lewenberg
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