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The Influence Of New Technology In the Business World

A look At The Pros And Cons Of New Technology Within The Business World

John Stewart

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of The Influence Of New Technology In the Business World

The Following Presentation Will Cover The Following Points
The Advantages And Disadvantages Of New Technology Within Business From The Both Employer And Employee's Perspective
The Legal And Ethical Implications Of Using This Technology Advantages Disadvantages Employers can promote and build relationships with customers
and promote products at the same time. Allows employees to display their expertise on a particular topic and an excellent way of sharing knowledge. Allows Businesses to easily communicate with its customers developing stronger relationships and promoting there Brand Name. Allows a positive way of getting feedback from customers allowing the customer to make suggestions thus helping to understand customer needs. Blogging is relatively cheaper than other methods of communication. Maintaining Blogs can be a lot of work and very time consuming and if the Blog is not regularly updated this could reflect badly on the reputation of the company. People may Leave Negative feedback about the company causing bad publicity. If a Blog Fails to comply with all relevant national and foreign requirements for doing business this could lead to legal liabilities. Disadvantages Advantages Social Media The Blogger also has to be sure to consider the ethical implications making sure anything that is written is not slanderous or offensive. Advantages Disadvantages Allows employees to discuss ideas, post news, ask questions and share links Provides a chance of expanding Business connections and assists with business networking. Can increase Brand image and Business reputation and grow customer base with low advertising cost. Has the capability to be used as an effective recruitment tool as targets a wide audience, some sites in particular for example LinkedIn is a pure business site Marketing campaigns can be insert to different social, delivers communications and can directs interested people to specific web sites . Customers are able to leave feedback which aids in market research The misuse of social media by an empoyee or negative comment about the company could damage the company reputation An eithical implication of socil media could lead to claims of discrimination if during the reccruitemt process the recruter uses socil media to access information about age race disability Businesses could possibly lose productivty if employees are using the site during working hours for personal use. A potential legal implication may occur if an employee uses the site to view any illicit or offensive material. Opens up the possibilities for hacker to commit fraud or launch spam and virus attacks. Potential legal and ethical implications may a rise in the favour of the employer if an employees postings infringes or breaches company confidence or data protection or slander Podcasts Podcasts are easily accessible through various devices, IPods, Tablets, Mobile phones and can be a beneficial to businesses connecting to consumers and can be viewed or listened to at anytime Employes can use Podcasts to follow up information or refreshers on new work ideas. As no special equipment is required Businesses can create there own Podcasts quickly and inexpensively using the audio functions found on most computers. Businesses can use Podcast to reach a wide range of Employees on multiple sites for updates and presentations regardless of time or location. Businesses or employees can subscribe to Podcast of interest and these are downloaded automatically If a Business sends a Podcast to employees and includes confidential company information,anyone who accesses it can learn information about the business. Podcasts with large video files make it harder to access with slow internet connection. If the sound quality is low quality within a podcast that a Business sends this could reflect badly on the brand. There could be Legal implications of using Podcasts within a business if an employee creating the recording infringes any copyright laws either by using a song or video without consent. http://jamesdebono.com/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-social-media-for-business/ http://www.bonaccord.eu/uploads/boncommence%20June%202012.pdf Links John Stewart
B00157793 If the person creating the blog uses any material text, video or images from another author and claims it as there own.
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