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Beautiful Disaster

Quarter 2 Book Report

Sierra Schultz

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Beautiful Disaster

Jamie McGuire Setting Beautiful Disaster Written in 2011
Blackwell, OK
432 Pages
Sierra Schultz
Quarter 2 Abby has left her past behind to go to college across the country, when she meets bad boy Travis Maddox, and gets forced back into the past she tried to forget. Beautiful Disaster Eastern University

Travis and Shepley's Apartment Main Characters Protagonists:
Abby- main girl, nice, has a bad past
Travis- bad boy, egoistic but nice, muscular, short-tempered
America- obnoxious, Abby's best friend, dating Shepley.
Shepley- Travis's cousin and best friend. Abby tries to stay friends with Travis, because he is too much like her past and he cannot be in a relationship, as he is known for one night stands. Abby has to find a way to pay Benny his money so she can save her dad's life. Abby is trying to escape her past by moving to a college across the country. She meets Travis, and knows she should not be with him. He is interested because no girl has ever ignored him like her. He talks to her, and they become friends, but it gets harder. Abby ends up having to move into Travis's apartment. Then she meets Parker, they go out, and Travis is jealous. Parker doesn't like her living there so they take a break. Abby's Dad comes back into her life and he needs help getting money to Benny, or he will be killed. Antagonists:
Mick- Abby's dad
Benny- Leader of the Mob They hang out as friends a lot, but it gets harder, they fall in love, and she is Travis's first girlfriend. She goes to Vegas to a casino to get money for Benny, and Travis fights for the rest. People who look past the bad in others often find that there is a greater good. I love this book, it's my favorite book, I have read it over 6 times and it never gets old. Though I know what happens, I can't put it down. I like it because it makes me want to know the people in it, and I sometimes wish it was my life, because its so exciting and romantic. Girls that like romance and action would most likely want to read this book because it has a little bit of both.
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