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Purity Knight: Whodunnit?

No description

Abby Acton

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Purity Knight: Whodunnit?

by Abby, Kierstyn, Kirk,
Sean, Tabitha.

Purity Knight Case
Found dead less than 1 mile from her home.
The Crime Scene
Ariadne Purity Knight
Before the abduction and subsequent murder, Purity had been stalked by a man named Matthew Owens. In addition to pictures, he would leave empty messages on her phone.
Valerie Vilson
After making contact with the Knights, Valerie did not want to be part of their life. Except for Purity.
Valerie Vilson cont.
Pretty soon, word got around about the abortion. Valerie was sent harassing phone calls and pictures in the mail. Feeling unsafe, she was forced to move.
Purity was buried alive, in a box found near her home.
Matthew was a friend of Purity's older sister, Valerie Vilson. Vilson was adopted, and had only just recently been in contact with the Knights. She was murdered two years before Purity's death.
Why the stalking?
Valerie's diary was recovered from a computer, telling us her story.
Before her death, Valerie assisted Purity in getting an abortion. Purity told Valerie she had been raped by her boyfriend.
Not long after the move, Valerie was killed for reasons not connected to the abortion.
Crime Scene Questions
Threatening Valentine sent to Purity
Similar incidents happened in Oregon in 1988 and one 1963, but the girls survived.
Prime Suspects
Don Anderson
Investigator on the Knight case; was removed due to omission of knowledge that he knew the victim.
Edward Pierce
Knight's roommate's boyfriend. Weak alibis, and personal connection to Purity.
Aaron Azeriah
Loaned $10,000 to Knight. First met in Spain. Weak alibis.
Josh Niblett
Partied with Purity at Cooter's, a local hangout for an alien "cult"
Purity was found less than a mile from her home.
The box was buried in the forest.
The words written on her box indicate strong feelings toward the victim.
Who would feel this way?
Similar Cases
Girl trapped in a box and held until ransom money delivered. Escaped alive.
Girl trapped in a box and sexually assaulted until rescued. Escaped alive.
Purity died. Was she supposed to?
Child Witness
Dylan, 11, found Purity and attempted to help her escape.
He was taking a note to Det. Anderson, but was intercepted by the offender.
He wasn't killed or taken hostage to protect the offender's identity. Why not?
Purity's Body
Showed no signs of sexual assault
Hair was brushed clean
Wrapped in a dirty white blanket and plastic
Several cuts, burns, and abrasions

Cause of death: Malnutrition and exposure to extreme elements
Case Cracked
Who would have easy access to Purity?
Who would feel so strongly towards her to treat her like this?
Was she killed intentionally?
Kidnapper makes contact
Ransom note
Torn map with note
Polaroid with note
Culprit Caught
The offender was Edward Pierce
He was in love with Purity
She never saw him like that, and he snapped.
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