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Ile (Drama by Eugene O'Neill)

No description

Amanda Cannady

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Ile (Drama by Eugene O'Neill)

Objective: You will be able to analyze elements of a drama, including theme, conflict and symbolism.
Ile (Drama by Eugene O'Neill)
Vocabulary Terms to Know
internal conflict
external conflict
a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object standing for something abstract (i.e. love, peace, evil, etc.)
psychological struggle within the mind of a literary character, usually creates the plot's suspense
internal conflict
struggle between a literary character and an outside force, which drives the action of a plot
external conflict
a serious disagreement or argument, usually protracted (ongoing, drawn out)
Assignment (15 minutes):
Begin your vocabulary concept maps.
Complete for homework, due
next period.
Types of Conflict
Day One
types of conflict
Types of Conflict
External Conflict

Man vs. Man - Only one can win
Man vs. Nature - Braving the elements
Man vs. Society - Sticking it to the man
Man vs. Technology - Man against the machine

Assignment (15 minutes):

Work together to come up with an example of each type of conflict that you've seen in a movie. Put your examples on the chart.

man vs. self
man vs. man
man vs. nature
man vs. society
man vs. technology

Basic Grammar Review: Commas

"Ile" Day 2
Vocab review
internal conflict
external conflict
Story Themes
Theme is defined as a main idea or
underlying meaning of a literary work
that may be stated directly or
indirectly. There are often both major
and minor themes in literature.

As you read along with "The Ile," pay attention to major
and minor themes you see.
"Ile" in 4 parts
p. 48 - 50 - narrator, The Steward, Ben

p. 51 - 53 - narrator, Keeney, *The Steward, Mrs. Keeney, mate, *Joe

p. 54 - 56 - narrator, Keeney, Joe, *mate, Mrs. Keeney

p. 57 - 59 - narrator, Mrs. Keeney, Keeney,
Be prepared to
discuss themes
in "Ile next class.
Grammar Review
When to use commas:
to separate 3 or more words in a series (ex. pen, pencil, paper)
to separate adjectives in a list that replace "and" (ex. It was a dark, stormy night.)
after a dependent clause (can't stand alone as a sentence) (ex. If you enjoy video games, you will love the newest release.)
to set off introductory words or phrases (ex. Hopefully, we will be on time for the meeting.)
before a conjunction (and, or, nor, for, but, yet, so)
to separate phrases from the rest of the sentence (Lisa, my sister, is visiting from Colorado.)
"Ile" Day 3
Story Summary
Themes in the story
Finish Story
The theme in a story
can be found from
the topics discussed.
What are some topics in this
Begin questions.
Due 11/10
Day Four
Multimedia Comparisons
Compare the
scenes in the story
to the opera. Which one helped you understand
the story more?
In your groups, come up with 3 examples of internal conflicts and 3 examples of external conflicts in the story. Be ready to share with the class.
Think of the tones
we heard in "Ile." Nostalgic and angry were common tones.
FreeWrite about a conflict (internal or external) in which you use a nostalgic tone.
FreeWrite about a conflict
(internal or external)
in which you use an angry tone.
Packet - Due
12/10 (next class)
Day 5
Questions Review
Short Responses
Fahrenheit 451 & Questions
Symbolism in a story can
take form in many ways and the same symbol can mean something different for different people. Discuss the symbolism of the following objects with your group and be prepared to share:

the organ
the ship
the revolver
Questions Review
Short Responses:
1) How does the voyage change the way Annie sees her husband over time? Cite evidence.
2) Why does Keeney break his promise to his wife at the end, besides for money?
Fahrenheit 451 Questions p. 71 – 85

1) What is Montag doing? What does Mildred do while he does this?
2) How does Mildred feel about the books?
3) Who does Montag decide to call for help? How does he know him?
4) Who is the “White Clown”?
5) Why does Montag keep repeating “lilies” and “Denham’s” to himself?
6) What are the three things Faber insists are missing from the world today?
7) What is Montag thinking about doing with the books?

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