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History of the Camera Lens

Faulkner 5th period

Richard Vuu

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of History of the Camera Lens

Developement of the
Camera Lens
How Lenses are Made
How Lenses Work

Types of Lenses
Telephoto Lenses
Normal/Standard Lenses
Provided by camera manufacturers
Generally 18-55mm focal length for 35m camera
Mirror Lenses
Special design of a long focus lens
Lenses generally lighter than a normal lens
Usually 500mm
May be 1000mm
Optical glass is cut & shaped
The lens goes through a series of grinding & polishing
Repeated several times
4th Century BC
Ancient Greeks and Chinese used the Camera Obscura
There were no lenses, it was merley a pinhole that projected the images.

The Daguerreotype, one of the earliest cameras used an Achromatic meniscus created by Chevalier
Introduction of Color Photography
First reported use of the zoom lens
Part of the Royal Society of Photography
Zoom camera first Patented
Introduction of the digital camera
Electronic image sensors
Petzval Portrait lens invented by Joseph Petzval.
Incremental Innovation
Smart Phones
New Technologies
35mm Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Camera
Technological Advancements
Photographers had more lenses
Japan's J-Phone
First to successfully implement camera into a phone
Richard Vuu
Lexee Chau
Cheryl Padillo
Bryce Guintu

Focal length longer than the standard lens
Also known as "Long Focus Lens"
Generally used to take a photo from a distance
Normally 70-300mm lens but depends on equipment
Wide Angel Lenses
Lower focal length than standard lenses
Generally used for landscape photographs
Can increase the perspective distortion.
Zoom lenses
Variable focal lengths.
Positive/Negative lens are put together
Turn or slide
Zoom in or out
Pitch is added to the underside
Lens are put on planets
Electron beam evaporates the coating material
Lenses work by
it bends light rays as they pass through it so they can change direction

Macro Lenses
Used for intense magnification
To show what the smallest detail
Focal lengths vary in techniques
Convex Lens
- the glass surface bulges outwards in the center
Prime Lenses
Fixed focal length
Focal lengths vary on manufacturers choice
Concave Lens
- the outer surface curves inward. Makes light rays spread out
Types of Lens

As the distance between the lens and the real image increases the light rays increase, forming a larger real image.
Most common assembly method: inserting them into a metal barrel
Usually Aluminum
Rings & spacers inserted
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