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America: 1815-1825

No description

Hunter Beville

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of America: 1815-1825

America: 1815-1825
Hunter Beville

More colorful than earlier years
Horizontal hem treatments brought more focus on Dresses and Skirts
There was a lot of padding in dresses and Skirts to create 3- dimensional effects.
Men's overcoats were shortened in the front.
Men had longer tails on their coats.
Women's Roles
North valued education
African Americans were still in Slavery
James Monroe and John Quincy Adams were Presidents during this time
Andrew Jackson won the Battle of New Orleans, which ended the War of 1812
Missouri Compromise of 1820
Monroe Doctrine
Dress from 1820-1825
1825 Cotton Pelisse
Rapidly Growing Economy (Immigrant's etc.)
Almost 10 million people in US by 1820
Unemployment in the US at around 3% in 1820
Tax Rate at 5%
Erie Canal finished in 1825
Men's fashion in 1820
Men's fashion 1825
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