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1450-1750 The Trans-Atlantic World

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vince hayes

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of 1450-1750 The Trans-Atlantic World

The Trans-Atlantic world, 1450-1750
Combine Minds!
Your group needs to merge with another in order to paint a picture of what the New World was like just prior to the coming of the European Waves of Migration. I want BIG history P-E-S-C for the Aztec/Mexica, Incas, and North Americas pages 540-555. Make it look like this one. . .
The New World
Work with a partner to quickly identify the concepts and innovations that created a potent and viable Europe in the 1400's with either a P-E-S-C, also seek to eliminate ones not applicable with a reason.
The Rise of the West Review
So Europe was able to triumph over the New World Empires in
a seemingly shocking fashion. Examine the small excerpt about
Jared Diamond's book, Guns, Germs, and Steel to determine
what historiographical reasons he gives us as to why a few
hundred Conquistadores were able to defeat an overwhelming
force at Cajamarca. Keep a jot list during the video of how
many different reasons he gives us from his explanations and
images depicted.
Victorious, but how and why?
Examine the role of the Conquistador in World History:
Be the judge, write a thesis statement that supports
Conquistadores as either a Hero or a Villian in the eyes
of the Modern World.
Heroes or Villains?

What did he tell us/show us?
Did he miss anything?
Can we argue any of his points?

Let's Explore:
Why Europe was able to connect to the New World
The changes and continuities between the New World and the Old
What allowed the Europeans to control the New World
The concept of the Conquistador in World History
Colonization and Imperialism become the dominant concepts of this age as Europe is able to take advantage of the Atlantica and Indian Ocean using its superior advantages to begin creating a world system of Political, Economic and Social dominance.

This is the beginning of the shaping of the modern world with multi-national corporations and global empires. Understanding both th eprocesses and
So What?
Protestant Reformation
Joint-Stock Companies
The Enlightenment
The Scientific Revolution
Gunpowder Weapons
Balance of Power
Adam Smith
Black Plague
The Roman Catholic Church
John Locke
Ottoman Empire
Mongols, why?
Renaissance, why?
Gutenberg, why?
What helped to create these things?
Work quickly to do this for the
Aztec and Inca
North Americans
Tribal, some Chiefdoms
Subsistence Agriculture
Hunting and Fishing
Widespread Trade Systems
Some social distinction
Various belief systems
based upon Fertility and War
Aztec and Inca
How were they organized?
What was their Trade like?
What does their social structure look like?
Did they have slaves?
What was their religion like?
Or better yet, How alike were they TO Europe?
Centralized States, Social Classes, Cities of Large Populations
Large Scale Trade, Large Populations, State sponsored Religions
How were they different
from Europe?
What could these Images
hint to us?
Why did Europe not view these
Empires as Equals?
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