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No description

Leenie Fabri

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of YOUR

Advocate for persons of diverse cultural backgrounds to achieve their educational & employment aspirations by lobbying for change to the current restrictions to those most disadvantaged.
C. Bennett
To design & develop multicultural and multifaith facilitator training workshops.

To facilitate an authentic dialogue, relevant and meaningful.

Farid Hamid
Encourage others to imagine lives that are not their own, to remind myself to do the same.

To have brave conversations with those in my personal & professional circles.
Bianca Nutt
Ann Foley
To actively seek out opportunities to see, understand and listen to the hopes, dreams, fears & reality of youth.

Together to offer support in any way I could to leave fears & reach the dreams.
Saya Lorback
To work for multiculturalism to remain visible, acknowledged and celebrated.

For diversity to be embraced. For inclusion and participation to build on the experience of Belonging.

We are all diverse. It’s what we each bring. It’s what we share. It’s what we have in common.

Harvey Tuck,
Victorian Transcultural Mental Health
Intergenerational Pledge

Vietnamese Community in Australia (Vic)
Continue to raise up young people into leadership roles.
Continue to support, nurture youth through the Dual Identity Leadership program.

Welcome, love and respect all newly arrived communities.
To support the young new emerging people wherever and whenever they need help.

Farjana Alam-Rankin
Yasmin Karaata,
Australian Muslim Women's Centre for Human Rights
Nalliah Suryiakumaran, Darebin Ethnic Communities Council
To support young people in their capacity to become leaders in their own right through education & skill building.
To celebrate diversity and respect the difference within the framework of the United Nations Human Rights Charter.
Ernina Sasongko, Multicultural Committee Federation University
To support the next generation of multicultural Victoria to continue the legacy of our ethnic pioneer to lead Victoria through the dealings and opportunities of the future.
Nay Chee Aung,
Bendigo Community Health Services
CityLLEN, Capital City Local Learning and Employment Network
Jean-Paul Birama
Sayema Najafi
To support & encourage our community & organisation to adopt real, practical & meaningful way to build a vibrant culturally & linguistically diverse Victoria of all ages.

To support & encourage young people to have the opportunity to learn English, have sustainable employment and education.

City LLEN has recruited & will continue to recruit & support multicultural young people.

Respect, welcome new arrivals with open arms.

Continue to strive to support CALD youth to find employment.

To listen to young people and emerging community members.

Through active listening to work effectively to enable opportunities.
To uphold the value of the next Generation Victoria by being an example in society and by creating an environment where Race, Religion, Culture and background is not seen as a difference, but as a strength that make up our very own society.

To break down the barriers between people from different backgrounds and people who are not accepting of refugees.

For everyone to become equal and embrace each other, despite their differences.
I support the ECCV pledges, all of them.

Racism it stops with me.

Zahir Azimi
To recruit a balance of older and younger culturally diverse Victorians on our Boards and Committees.

Yvon Davis, City of Ballarat
I support the ECCV pledge as it stands.

I also ask that ECCV continue to lobby the government to support new arrivals and those at risk and embrace true human rights.

Kaye Ciraves,
Bendigo Community Health Services
To advocate for a definition that includes Anglo-Australians and ATSI in multiculturalism, include these communities into our debates and conversations.
Robert Gruhn
To continue to advocate on behalf of culturally and linguistically diverse people for their right to be safe, welcomed and socially included.
Sue Ghalayini
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