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20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

No description

Elizabeth Deluna

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
By: Jules Verne
La Famille
Jules Gabriel Verne was born on February 8, 1828, in Nantes, France, the eldest son of a prosperous lawyer, Pierre Verne, and his wife Sophie. Always rebellious and usually unsuccessful, Verne found his escape through imagination. He had a fairly uneventful child marked by only by one significant event: in his twelfth year he tried to board upon a boat and sail away before his dad caught him and made him come home. After that incident he promise his dad that he would "Only escape through his imagination."

The Sci-Fi Prophet
Electric Submarine
The Family and Early Life of Jules Verne
Jules Verne Inventions That Came True
The Point of View
That's A Wrap
"Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea" is a novel written by the French author Jules Verne in 1870. It tells the story of the nautilus and its voyage around the globe with Captain Nemo, Pierre Aronnax, Conseil, and Ned Land. Now even though they go on an amazing adventure with Nemo: hunting in a underwater forest, visiting an island of angry natives, finding the lost city of Atlantis, fishing for giant pearls, etc, they are still distressed by his strange erratic behavior. Once, moving through an area highly populated with giant squid, one gets stuck in the propellers of The Nautilus. The men and crew must fight off the squid with axes because they can not be killed with bullets. One man is killed and Nemo is moved to tears. The rising action of this story starts when Captain Nemo attacks and sinks a warship of unknown origin. Right then
is when the three men decide they need to escape.
2o,ooo Leagues Under The Sea in a novel written by Jules Verne in 1870. It is the story of the highly trained marine biologist, Arronax; his loyal manservant Conseil; the extreme whale fisher Ned Land, and the mysterious captain of The Nautilus: Captain Nemo.
Jules Verne, The Author
1828 - 1905
He was a french novelist who while studying law wrote plays and librettos (the text of an opera or other long vocal work), but soon started writing regular novels full time. During his career as an author he wrote dozens of books, which many today are still popular, such as: "Journey to The Mysterious Island" and "In Search of The Castaways." Many of Vernes works are know with the movie audience because of productions by Walt Disney studios. Along side H.G. Wells Vernes is considered a father of Science Fiction because of the extreme detail he went into when describing scientific inventions.
As a Man
The Personality of Jules Verne
Jules Verne was born in Nantes, France in 1828 . He had a fairly complex personality. Although he was capable of joyfulness and pulling practical pranks, but was a fairly shy man; happiest when he was alone in his study, or sailing the English channel. In 1886 he was the victim of a shooting which left him lame disabled. As it turns out later it was a nephew who suffered from persecution mania(The feeling that others are constantly plotting against you and planning your downfall). This incident reinforced Verne's natural tendency to melancholy, though he did run and win a spot in the town council, but two years later was spending his old age in retirement. He became partially blind in 1902 and died three years later in 1905.

Video Conference
Sky Writing
20000 L.U.T.S.
In "20000 Leagues Under The Sea," the prefered vehicle of choice by Captain Nemo is: The Nautilus. An underwater vessel powered by electricity, which is obviously a precursor to the submarine.

In the novel "In the Year 2889," Verne predicts of an alternative
to newspaper. Live news being read to people by scientists, reporters,
and statesman, where people could get their news for the day.
Also in "In the year 2889," Verne describes a method of
communicating with one another through a method called
"phonotelephote." This would consist of highly sensitive mirrors
connected by wires.
Again in "In the Year 2889" Jules Verne predicts a
method of "Atmospheric Advertisement," which
could be seen by an entire city population at a time.
The Plot
Our story begins with what seems to be a giant narwhal destroying the ships of several nations, and main character French Marine Biologist Pierre Aronnax is recruited along with his faithful man servant Conseil and extreme whale hunter Ned Land to go track it down on board of the Abraham Lincoln. They soon discover that it is in fact not a narwhal, but is a giant electric submarine, The Nautilus; run by the mysterious captain Nemo. As the story continues the group learns that the nautilus was built in secret from and now roams the seas free from any government. The story takes place all across the Earth in real places such as the corals of the Red Sea, but also fictional areas such as Atlantis. This story also features under sea hunting of sharks and roaming an under
water forest.
But How Does The Story Feel?
The Mood

This story is primarily mysterious and dark. The sense of mystery comes from the authors preoccupation with Captain Nemo's identity. Almost the entire story is based on the voyage of the Nautilus, which we know nearly nothing about. We are unaware of why the ship was built, what its intentions are, or where its going. We don't know what language he crew speaks in, or of Captain Nemo's background. It also quite a mystery to the many disappearance of Nemo, in which our main character Arronax does not where he goes. The darkness in this story is present from the very beginning, before we are unaware of what exactly this creature is, we know that it kills innocent people. And also although Nemo is kind, he can be prone to sudden outbursts.
Does Anyone Know Whats Going On?
The Theme
Man Vs Nature
This man vs nature is a bit more different then typical, because this isn't just a man battling the forces of nature, it is man denying it. Nemo is attempting to do everything in his power to thwart the natural world that he was born into. And even though he is deep in the ocean inside of The Nautilus, he does still have to deal with nature, he must find a way to create an atmosphere like that found on land; he must battle natural creatures. And also despite his great attempt, he is not fully able to escape his human nature.

The Setting
Are We There Yet?
The story begins in 1866 and ends in 1868 (The journey on the Nautilus begins during the summer of 1867). The story is set on the Nautilus, the submarine designed by Captain Nemo. The Nautilus travels Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Artic, and Antarctic Oceans; and the Mediterranean and Red Seas. These various locations include underwater sea forests, coral reefs, and the city of atlantis.

*The Nautilus, As Imagined By Disney*
This story is told in a first point of view, from the perspective of marine biology expert Pierre Aronnax. And there are many
journal entries riddle through the story about exact locations and directions that The Nautilus is taking. A large portion of the book is taken up with description of various marine life. And Aronnax being a scientist, he is more interested in the science around him then anything else. For instance he doesn't care about Ned Land's complete rage at being held captive with no escape. Aronnax would be much more
satisfied with a new found oyster then trying to find out why captain
Nemo has such a need for revenge.

*Warning Spoilers*
This story ends when the men start planning on their way to escape the ship when they find out that it is heading for a large whirl pool that no ship has ever made it out of. Luckily the only thing that makes it out is a small boat with Aronnax, Conseil, and Ned Land. No one knows of what happened to Captain Nemo, or whether or not her survived, as well as The Nautilus. The story ends with Aronnax's decision to return back to France.
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