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Effect of slavery on todays society

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Tyler Masten

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Effect of slavery on todays society

Effect of slavery on today's society Why slavery was necessary to Americans Slavery has always been an issue because of the simple fact that oppressing any group of people is viewed as a negative issue. Slaves had to deal with the loss of freedom which included loss of education, loss of say in government, loss of family, and loss of guaranteed rights as a human being. With those being a few of the revoked rights that slaves had to deal with they also had to endure physical, social, and mental abuse throughout their oppression. Why slavery is wrong. The need of free labor caused Americans to think that it was necessary to oppress Africans
Slaves made the masters jobs on plantations much more efficient which made them profit from the lucrative crops that they would produce. Devils Advocate Would the pyramids exist without slaves
Would the American colonies exist without slaves
Would the slave owners profit from their plantations if it were not for slaves. The reasons usually stated for African slaves being preferred by plantation owners is that they could more easily be bought from traders on the West African coast and were more immune to European diseases than indigenous Americans or imported white slaves. So the simple fact that slavery was simple and more efficient. What slaves produced How does slavery effect today. Even though slavery was abolished after the Civil War, African Americans still had to fight for their rights. The slaves who were finally freed suffered a lot of psychological and emotional damage that has been passed down through generations. It is also important to remember that those who enslaved blacks are no longer alive however they set the stage for a lot of anger, resentment and pain felt within the black community today. Many must cope with poor housing, lack of employment opportunities, inadequate health care and education. These conditions exist because black people have had to play catch up and have been denied certain opportunities that were always available for those of the white race By: Tyler and Logan If slavery never existed the world would be a completely different place considering slavery was not only in the U.S.
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