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For Yetta Ling

Love you forever. Happy Valentines day.

Chen Song

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of For Yetta Ling

Beijing I play QQtang.

I play it too. I was 16,

a boy filled with passion and youth.

The girl that I will love for my whole being

came into my life

through a little desk.

That is you. In those days,
The subways of Beijing are still look like this. Those year,
we had so much fun in But... I live here You live here. We usually meet each other here. And...here is my university. Here is
your university. I was cast to a real village

that I don't know it is

still a part of Beijing Now... Oh Baby,
it is such a long journey to see you. That was the 4 years that I will never forget.

I told u that I love u.

I was waiting for u.

I lost u.

I hated u.

I still love u.

I can't help to tell u. Again.

I love u. I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you. I L VE U Tell
world I love u so much.

I love u so much.

I love u so much.

I love u so much.

I love u so much. We are together at last! Wolfie love
you 4ever BUT Happy days have gone so fast.

A new journey is on. You live here Here And I live...... We live in different countries.
There are more than 8000 KM between us.
Whenever you are going to bed,
I have to start my class.
We love, so we miss.
We miss, so we fight.
We fight, so we cry.
We cried too much, that sometimes we think
we are not loving the other anymore. Oh, baby, days are so tough.
I know the tears are nearly merging your heart. So do I. There are so many beautiful mountains,
clear rivers, large forests
and even tremendous waterfalls here.

There are also plenty of successful people,
good professors, interesting shows,
unlimited movies.

But I just can't take it and enjoy all of them

without you. All I want is u, my baby.
Without u, I don't want to go
climb a mountain. I don't want
to travel. I don't want to appear in
any party. I don't even want to
spend my time on talking with
other people. Every time I finished
my class, my discussion, my career fair,
I just want to go back to my little room,
dial the number I am so familiar
with, to talk to you. Every time when I notice you are still

I will just fell into the ocean of our memories.

All the minutes spent with you are so

And I am so lucky to become
your boyfriend. You are so beautiful, that I cannot move my eyes away from you when I am staring at you.

You are so endeavoring. Your attention on your work is so strong, that I am totally attracted.

You are so cute, that your sound, your smile and your gestures are so lovely. I can't help but just want to hug you and kiss you.

You are so nice, that what you have done to me is so sweet. I am so grateful for your efforts. And I want to give all things in my life to you. Yes, we are apart, we try hard to keep our love from a long distance.

But the emotion living inside my heart will never fade. I love you, and I want to marry you.

I will do everything I can to fulfill this target.
Everything, that I can make you happy. Even though,

I am... And you are Here We still love each other so much,
and still fighting for our future. There are some songs, that will never be forget. There









steps. There are some things, that will never be rejected There are some stories, that will be told to our kids when they go to bed It cost a lot.
But whatever it takes, worth it. It is hard.
But I believe
we can make it. Cos' there is a sound
deep in my heart
are keep shouting My love
Happy Valentines day All the stories
are begin at
2006, April.
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