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Ayden Case

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Romania

Romanian Project
Romanias capital is Bucharest
Romanías capital
Romanias form of government is a Republic

Romanias form of government
Major cities in Romania
Romanian currency

By: Macy V. and Ayden C.
These are some major cities in Romania
Romanian currency is Romanian Leu
Romanian Languages
Romania in square miles
Romania is 92,043 square miles
Romania's Religions
Romania's Population
19.96 million
About the people
About 80% of the population is Christian
About 20% are Jewish
The most famous sport in Romania is soccer
They like to hike,ski,and gamble
Places we visited in Romania
Many castles and fortresses
Went on a Danube River Cruise
The Bran Castle
Cultures and Customs
About 44% of the population in Romania still use Horse-and-Buggy. That is a Custom of theirs
Every year they have a Festival in their country and they have carving contests, carving is one of their many customs
National Symbols
Health, transportation, government, and economy
In Romania they like to travel by taxi, bus, train, and plane.
Medical staff in Romania and healthcare in the country is available to everyone
Government is a republic, they elect their own leader
Their economy has relied on agriculture for many years.
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