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Hoxmeier Palace

No description

j Hoxmeier

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Hoxmeier Palace

Hoxmeier Palace

In China, it is considered the color of good fortune and prosperity. In Western Culture, it can represent passion or happiness. For me, it represents my love for fun and adventure, as well as my passion for the things I love. One day, I want to drive a red convertible. I love to wear red lipstick and clothing. Red makes me feel happy.

Green is often a symbol for nature and new life. For me, green represents plants and freshness. I love to grow herbs like rosemary, basil, mint, and lavender. When I see green and smell the freshness of plants, I feel calm and peaceful. When I taste herbs, they taste like green should taste.

In many cultures, white represents purity and innocence. For me, white represents cleanliness. I often find myself buying white furniture for my house because I love how clean and fresh it looks. I like to be a in clean and orderly place.

Black symbolizes death many times, but it can also represent mystery. I love a good mystery and always find myself seeking an answer to life's enigmas. I am fascinated by true crime stories and psychology. I want to know why people do what they do.

Sometimes, orange can represent energy and vitality. When I vacation in Mexico, I like to climb the pyramids. People sell crystals at the bottom to hold "energy" and stay at the top of the pyramid to "take the energy." I get energy from the exercise of climbing the pyramid and by overcoming my fear of heights. When I climbed at Tepoztlan, my knees were shaking from climbing up the cliff to the tiny pyramid. I still have my crystal from that climb.
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