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My Life Book

No description

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of My Life Book

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Motivations & Needs
Motivations & Needs
The Need to Care for Others
Integrated Approach
Play/Art Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Narrative Therapy

My Life book
Play Therapy/Art Therapy
The Need to Return the Favor
Hospice Peterborough
Everyone is unique and different
Miss out on the strengths and qualities that make me unique as a CYW.
Lack of Self-care

Burn out & Compassion fatigue
Art and Play therapy is a type of therapy that helps children to express themselves, explore their thoughts and feelings, and make sense of their life experiences while engaging in an act that is natural and fun.
Solution-Focused Therapy
Rather than dwelling on an individual's weaknesses and limitations solution-focused therapy concentrates solely on an individual's strengths and possibilities to help them move forward.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Our thoughts and behaviors have an effect on each other. That by changing the way we think or behave in a situation, we can change the way we feel about life.
Narrative Therapy
Future Developmental Goals
Bereavement, Grief and Loss Certificate
Grief through a Child's Eyes
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