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Windows Movie Maker Tutorial

No description

Heng Luo

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Windows Movie Maker Tutorial

Window Movie Maker Tutorial Presenters: Heng Luo (Patrick)
Tiffany A. Koszalka Step 1: Import Movies Brief demo Useful tips The hidden start button You can import video/image from device, save your movie project or publish your movie by clicking this button Import files from computer You can download images and videos from internet, save them on your computer and import them to your movie project. We will discuss how to save online videos later. Potential problems and solution wires not working incompatible video format solution long importing time USB port-no wire needed
Video format are MP4 (works on PC and Mac)
Copy and Paste, capturing not needed Step 2: Video footage selection brief demo video Click on the edit button and you can... 1. Go to video editing tools 2. Split the original video footage 3. Remove unwanted parts 4. Add fade in and out between clips 5. Keep or remove the original audio 6. Adjust video speed (Based on their importance) let's see an example Step 3: Add effects, transitions and music Add visual effect Tip 1: treat images as videos Tip 2: You need to select the clip you want to apply effect on Tip 3: Avoid using effects too frequently Add transitions Tip 1: select a clip before adding a transition Tip 2: click animation and explore different options Tip 3: keep the use of transition to the minimum Add music/voice over Tip 1: click Home - Add music - Music tool Tip 2: select the music bar before making changes to the music: start time, start point, end point and volume Tip 3: remember to mute the video sound before adding a voice over Step 4: Add title, text and credit Three important buttons You can add a title in the beginning and apply a special effects;
You can add a rolling credit in the end and change the speed of rolling;
You can overlay text on a video clip to include key information Done! Now simply save your movie as a video file or burn it into a DVD by clicking save movie and choose the right options. (I will always save a high definition version first)
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