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World Cafe Feedback

No description

Tiffany Paynter

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of World Cafe Feedback

“Dream big, dream broad, take a chance, create something new.”

“Dare to be different.”

“We need to be a stronger minority in the world.” Round Tables Questions of ownership... WHAT DO YOU MEAN
BY AUTHENTICITY? Invited 400+ via Why a conversation around AUTHENTICITY?

What is a World Cafe?

How did the day go?

What did we learn from our young people? true to one's personality, spirit or character World Cafe is not a technique.
It is an invitation into a way of being with one another that is already part of our nature.
-Peter Senge World Cafe is an invitation to engage communities in meaningful conversations around topics that matter. It is a creative cross pollination of people and ideas that allows the collective wisdom of the group to emerge. What is World Cafe? The Performing Arts Centre Project has undertaken a commitment of co-creation with the community using several processes of social engagement. Why did we want to host a youth discussion? It was evident that the project would benefit from more clarity around exactly how a performing arts centre might best realise the community’s aspirations for an authentically Bermudian facility.

A World Cafe gave us the perfect opportunity to maintain our commitment to young people by engaging them in a meaningful conversation around the topic of authenticity. What is a World Cafe? World Cafe is not a technique. It is an invitation into a way of being with one another that is already part of our nature. -Peter Senge World Cafe is an invitation to engage communities in meaningful conversations around topics that matter. It is a creative cross pollination of people and ideas that allows the collective wisdom of the group to emerge. We wanted to ask three questions that would give everyone an opportunity to think about the impact that the centre could have in their lives and the life of our community as well as deepen on the topic of authenticity. What are the strengths and core values that we in Bermuda possess that show us at our best to each other and the world? In Phase 1 residents participated in an Appreciative Inquiry into the power of the Performing Arts. Ten themes emerged from the community’s feedback - talent, emotion, place, benefit to Bermuda, education, audience, identity, diversity, bricks and mortar and communication. These same themes arose while in discussion of the first question we put to the group on May 6th. Young people in conversation during the World Cafe consistently spoke to the five main themes of talent, place, emotion, benefit to Bermuda and education. Young people in attendance hold similar beliefs to those who participated in the AI interviews and round table discussions.

Our youth also believe that when our community “recognizes the cultural significance of the performing arts that we build the human potential of our people”. Bermuda’s youth lamented a growing sense of isolation and expressed hope for a performing arts centre that would create a stronger and more supportive community. “A centre gives us the opportunity to feel connected..
feel not alone.”

“If we as artists come together to form a community our synergy will begin to draw others in to do the same and spill into every aspect of life... impacting Bermuda at large!”

“Instead of expressing using violence, express using art, music, acting...”

“Enable arts to foster a sense of community.” Young people believe that a performing arts centre could be a catalyst in the transformation of their personal well being as well as the country as a whole. “At current there is no sense of identity or core values. This place could provide opportunities to create that.”

“Art can mobilize and heal it is how we communicate our true selves.”

“We have the need to prove our worth as artists. To show that we have a place in the world as people that empower. People that encourage.” “Development: as an island, as a community, as a people.
As a generation, through the generations.
As a human being, as individuals.” THEIR PRIORITIES

“Bermudians have diverse talents and skills which are ready to be exposed and nurtured.”

“[A] place to identify culture and expose it and share it with the world.”

“We should connect this new art centre with schools. Especially with students graduating who need connections.” EXPOSURE GROWTH GUIDANCE “Bring more Bermuda onto the stage.
Where young people can come to create and produce instead of just consume.”

“Fostering active development and growth within myself and others in all areas of the performing arts.”

“Re-invigorate tourism in a big way.”

“Help ARTISTS make money.” “Young people scared for future - being told they can be anything - but need a real chance to do what they want to do.”

“Help students to know they can do art beyond the classroom, can perform and do art in real life.”

“Is there a place to go [a] person to talk to?
MENTORS...Can’t do it alone.” AUTHENTICITY This is most helpful when we consider how Bermuda’s youth weighed in on the topic of authenticity.

Young people believe that in order to ensure that a performing arts centre is authentically Bermudian, it must hold the spirit and personality of Bermudians. Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines “AUTHENTIC” as: We asked Bermuda`s youth to tell us who we are at our best and they answered... WHEN WE ARE AT OUR BEST WE ARE...
“Drop us in a room of strangers and we’ll come out with friends.”

“We need a home for our tribe.
(Where it’s okay to be real and different.)”

“We should feel [we’re] a part of the centre even when we aren’t in the building.” WHEN WE ARE AT OUR BEST WE ARE... “Everyone gives of themselves expecting nothing in return.”

“Sharing skills, self [and] work.”

“As Bermudians we must focus on our kindness and hospitality and show visitors how we roll.”

“Generosity/kind” WHEN WE ARE AT OUR BEST WE ARE ... “The building itself shouldn’t just look like any other building - it should be dynamic and reflective of the energy contained within.”

“The history of the arts is needed in this building.”

"Can it feel like a Bermuda house?" Our youth want us to showcase what makes Bermuda unique and beautiful both inside and outside of the facility. PHYSICAL


The challenge from our youth, and the opportunity for our team and our directors, is to make love

in the centre. QUESTIONS THEY PUT TO US... MOVING FORWARD... How are we responding to young people’s hopes and insights?

How are young people's priorities reflected in our branding, programming and operations? Phase 2 -Youth World Cafe
“Bring the ocean into the centre.” Creating a shared image of a preferred future What we did?
Why we did what we did?
What we learned?
Next steps.... AI Interviews World Cafes ' 1 on 1 7 - 10 70+ 300+ 33 2 What is happening in your life, school and/or work that brought you here today? How can this centre affect your life and the life of our community? So what did we hear? And what did we learn about... ? BACKGROUND Our community believes that... a centre for performing arts must be:

It must enable
A centre for performing arts must support
and keep a 360-degree focus on ACCESSIBLE AUTHENTIC CONNECTIONS PERFORMANCE. GROWTH “To provide courage for the community to let go of fear, fear of trying new things. To be able to acknowledge new perspectives in yourself around those who won’t judge you because they’re reaching for their own goals too.” “Create a home for the art.
A place where we can be safe and creative.” Thank You text messages
phone calls
class room drop-ins
pied pipers
radio ...and offer lunch! We wanted more clarity around how a centre might best realise the community’s aspirations for an authentically Bermudian facility.
As the conversation unfolds, people move between groups, sharing and linking their ideas around questions that really matter to their lives or work. What happens at a World Café? People have conversations in groups of 4 or 5 at small tables in a relaxed atmosphere...similar to meeting up with friends for lunch or dinner. BOLD WELCOMING GENEROUS real visible felt and “Who owns the space?” In summary... Our youth's priorities are: Exposure | Guidance | Growth Authentically Bermudian is: BOLD | WELCOMING | GENEROUS This project is sponsored by
The Centre Limited and is designed to encourage and enable the community to determine how a performing arts centre having fine acoustics and flexibility in
uses will benefit all Bermuda, especially its young people.
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