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Archetypes of Masculinity and Femininity

No description

K Bobyk

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Archetypes of Masculinity and Femininity

The Shadow
the dark side of the psyche, the shadow represents everything that is not suitable for our public persona
Anything that doesn’t fit into this persona is repressed or kept behind the mask
the warrior, the tyrant, the villain, the Darth Vader, the pervert – all of these images are the flip-side of positive traits
Feminine Archetypes
dozens of male archetypes
only three main archetypes for females:
Virginal Damsel-in-distress (heroine)
Great Mother (heroine)
Seductress witch/sorceress
The Fairy Tale Hero: The Image of Man

1. To be King, to wear the crown:
symbol of the ascent to the highest attainable realm)
to be king is an image for complete self-realization
the splendor and brilliance of the crown and robe make visible the perfection achieved inwardly
“one who has the capability to rise above himself, has within him the yearning for the highest things, and also able to attain them”

Trickster Archetype

a wise-fool, a god-man, a rebel against authority, a playful force, a clownish side-kick or a mischief-maker
can help the hero to identify his flaws or suggest for changes to the status quo
exists to question, to cause us to question & not accept things blindly
appears when a way of thinking becomes outmoded needs to be torn down built anew

Masculine Archetypes
many masculine archetypes
many sources site different interpretations
here are some of the main ones

Archetypes of Masculinity and Femininity
creator, a joker, a truth teller, a story teller, a transformer linked to the spiritual frequency changes humanity is experiencing at this time.
takes on many guises, sometimes said to be the figure with a 1000 faces
figured sometimes as the Coyote in Native American tradition, sometimes as the raven

overt and threatening sexuality
danger to men who cannot resist
intelligent, self-serving, ambitious, physical, aggressive
ultimate image of female threat
The Father
leader and voice of collective authority

The Son
youthful and rebellious
seeks individuality

The Hero
moral, ambitious, and highly respected

The Trickster
the playful mischief maker
the voice of dissent

The Wise Man
scholar, teacher, sage, and philosopher

The Shadow
enemy of all other archetypes
evil side of all other archetypes

[T]he child, at the fairy-tale age, is fascinated not by the upward social movement but by the overcoming of dangers and entry into the realm of glory, whether this is depicted as the realm of the sun and stars or as an earthly kingdom of unearthly splendor.”

- Max Luthi

2. Is a wanderer:
detached, absolute, isolated

wandering conveys an impression of freedom
he wanders from place to place without much concern
not curious; does not possess a thirst for knowledge
does not fear the supernatural
is almost always alone; makes use of animals’ and supernatural beings’ advice and magic gifts nonchalantly
not necessarily moral in the strictest sense
isolated, yet capable of universal relationships

The fairy tale hero expresses a basic human condition: although deeply entrenched in human institutions, man feels abandoned, cast into a threatening world which he can neither understand nor view as a whole….shows in its heroes, that, despite our ignorance of ultimate things, it is possible to find a secure place in the world.

- Max Luthi

passive, helpless, often stupid
virgin; sexual purity and innocence worth protecting and fighting for
reward for hero
valued for beauty, not intelligence or sense of self

Great Mother
nurturer, life-force, selfless woman, saint
travels the socially desired path from virginal damsel to loving wife and mother
humble, giving
fixed and static figure
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