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Marina Castledine

on 6 October 2015

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Circuit is a four-year national programme connecting 15-25 year olds to the arts in galleries and museums working in partnership with the youth and cultural sector.

Led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, it provides opportunities for young people to steer their own learning and create cultural activity across art disciplines.
Circuit has four aims:
1. To make a positive difference
with and for
young people
2. To improve
access and opportunities
for young people
with ‘least access to the arts’
through extending and developing
sustainable networks
between the arts and youth sector
What is Circuit?
How does Circuit do it?
The Circuit programme is designed with and for young people at each gallery, and delivered through activity in four main strands:
A large scale event to attract a wide and diverse new audience
Artistic programme delivered by and for young people
Building sustainable networks with the youth sector to support those the least access to the arts
Reaching wider audiences
A high profile festival (or similar) event for and by young people aged 15–25 years (1 per partner in one of the 4 years), attracting up to 3,000 young people at each site.
A sustained programme of peer-led projects engaging up to 50 young people per annum for four years.
Development of new relationships with up to 4 local youth organisations leading towards project activity engaging up to 20 young people per annum in years 3 and 4.
Development of new digital content to empower and engage young people, create new work and share practice across the gallery education sector.
Young People
15 - 25 years (at core)
Youth and cultural organisations
Wider sector colleagues
Artist educators
Who is

Specifically young people considered to have the least access to the arts

Young people interested in the arts

Global audience of young people 15-25 via digital platforms
Crocus Fields (a respite centre for young people with disabilities) worked at Nottingham Contemporary for 5 weekly sessions. Crocus Fields is a creative place and the young people were already familiar with being experimental and expressive. All of the participants had autism and visited and worked in the gallery and studio with support workers.

4. To change attitudes and behaviours towards and about young people
3. To develop and change practice within and across cultural organisations
Making a positive difference
Circuit has three core values
Circuit's core values underpin the ethos of the Circuit programme activity across 9 partner galleries
Why does Circuit do it?
Young people's ownership, agency and authenticity
Social, cultural and creative diversity
"Circuit brings focus to the wider social and political responsibilities and the role galleries can, or should, contribute to society today, to which young people have a huge contribution to make"

Mark Miller

Research and evaluation are embedded throughout Circuit. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has provided Tate and Circuit partners with a rare chance to investigate, measure, develop and inspire ways of working through culture for the benefit of young people.
Circuit: Young People's Programmes at Tate Britain and Tate Modern
Young People’s Programmes (YPP) run a free programmes of events, festivals and opportunities for young people 15-25 years to engage with art and artists’ practices. Tate Collective London plan and develop events for other young people to create, experiment and engage with art at Tate Britain and Tate  Modern.

Young People's Programmes at Tate is a part of  Circuit, led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.
What is YPP?
Tate Britain, Tate Modern, and working in partnership with youth organisations with focus on target boroughs Southwark, Lambeth and Westminster – all on the doorstep of Tate Britain and Tate Modern, they have high levels of economic and cultural diversity compared to other boroughs in London.
Where is YPP?
What does YPP do?
Working with artists, partners in the youth sector and a diverse range of young people, Young People’s Programmes aim to deliver a programme that:
Peer-led strand
Tate Collective London
Exclusive private view for young people
After Hours: Waplington/McQueen at Tate Britain
'What Am I Looking At?'

Late at Tate Circuit Artist collaboration with performance artist Jenny Moore

Social space at Tate Britain curated by Tate Collective London

BP Spotlight display curated by Tate Collective London
Body Paint
by Memo Aitken interactive digital installation

Commissioned by Tate Collective as part of the Circuit Digital strand for Late at Tate
Consulting and governance across Tate:

Wider Tate governance
Communications, Marketing & Audiences
Tate Exchange

Partnerships strand
participatory performance and workshop for young people with learning disabilties at Fast Forward and the Westminster Society
What Really Matters? pop up festival in Peckham in partnership with Pempeople and Southwark All About the band project
Building sustainable networks with the youth sector to support those with the least access to the arts.
Digital strand
Reaching wider audiences
Evaluation is crucial to the programme aims. A range of data will be captured using different methods; from on and off line surveys to understand profile, motivation, demographic, satisfaction and learning experience of audiences at key events; to critical debate though the digital platform, encouraging participation from wider sector colleagues, stimulated by young people’s work and Circuit staff published blog posts.
Who is

Through a series of national workshops and training events, members of Circulate (Circuit's young peoples' evaluation group) develop tools to evaluate individual progression, support the programme aims and ensure young people’s voice remains central to the programme.
Young people considered to have the least access to the arts in Southwark, Lambeth and Westminster:
Young people with learning disabilities
Young people in and leaving care
Young people excluded from mainstream education
Young people from local communities considered to have high levels of poverty
Young people already engaged in other cultural activity

Why does YPP
do it?

Where is Circuit?
How does YPP do it?
On the Down Low, photography and graphic design project offsite in Loughborough Junction, in collaboration with UAL Widening Participation
Textile design workshops with artist Yemi Awosile for young people at BOSCO College
Tate Collective invited four relevant DJs, musicians, poets and rappers to each produce an audio track in response to the shortlisted artists for the Turner Prize 2014: Duncan Campbell, Ciara Phillips, James Richards and Tris Vonna-Michell.
Ongoing projects
Whitworth Young Contemporaries
Blueprint Festival
Tate Collective Liverpool
Circuit strands are set up to cross-fertilise and connect to enable a diverse range of young people to participate, contribute and construct cultural activity. These strands act as clear pathways to equal access to opportunities for all young people, without segregation by types of young people. The strands are a way of maintaining a varied and dynamic programme that creates multiple levels of access and informal learning experiences for a diverse range of young people without bias.
BP Loud Saturdays
Late at Tate December 2014
with Rinse FM
Adidas x Wretch 32
When I See You, I See Me
Ongoing relationship with youth-led Reprezent Radio
Late at Tate December 2013
with WARP
Turbine Festival in collaboration with Tate Early Years & Families team in July 2015, sponsored by Hyundai
Festival strand
Hyperlink was a major festival for young people at Tate Modern,  taking place in The Tanks and Turbine Hall at Tate Modern on 26–28 April 2013.  Hyperlink  was a three day festival of installations, performances and workshops by visual artists, designers, gastronomists and musicians developed and produced by and for young  people.
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