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Media Coursework - Planning

No description

Collette Jones

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Media Coursework - Planning

Media Coursework Planning Collette Jones 1479 33435 What is a documentary? A documentary is a collection of information that could be displayed in the form of a film. It presents to the audience facts and interviews on a certain subject and is usually biased.
4 types of documentaries 1 – expository
To inform and educate the
Uses archive footage
Characterised by voice of
authority on soundtrack
Puts forward an argument
about the historical world
2 – observational
Characterised by long takes
and handheld shots
No voice over – allows us to
come to our own conclusions
of the events ‘fly on the wall’
3 – Interactive
The presence of the film
maker is represented on
Film crew interact with
people in front of the lens
Aims to provoke reactions
from audience and subjects
4 – reflexive
Draws attention to the act
of making a documentary
See or hear the film maker
engage in commentary
Discourages spectators from
accepting that a single point
of view is an adequate
representation of the whole
truth on any topic
Similar Products Bowling for Columbine Part 1 Tag line :
“Is America a nation of gun nuts? Or just nuts?”

Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore explores America’s obsession with
guns. It has a clear biased angle and a memorable tag line. Moore adds
humour into his documentary and is an on screen presenter. The whole
documentary is a prime example of a typical factual text and includes all the
conventions of an exemplary type of documentary.
On screen presenting
Still archaic photos
Over the shoulder shot
Typical medium close up interview
Montage of still photos
Youtube – ‘TESNO’ a protest against tesco being built in Bristol because of the negative effect it will have on the local shops in the community.
The documentary includes establishing shots that shows the audience who is speaking and who owns which store.

The documentary uses many conventions such as medium close up and framing its interviewees in different ways.
The documentary also contains shots that have been edited in while the local people are shooting. The documentary involves a variety of people and locations, including inside each shop to show how relevant they are and to make it more eye catching.
The documentary opens with people’s different opinions with a variety of shots. It then officially introduces the documentary subject matter with a series of titles in traditional black and white with a readable font. There is no voice over in the whole documentary. The only verbal diegetic sounds are traffic, etc and the interviewee’s voices. Still images are also used in the sequence to emphasize the people’s point of views.
My Pitch My documentary is based on the relevance of independent business in the area with the upcoming existence of competing supermarkets in the area of Stockport. I will interview people of all ages and discover who shops at grocery shops, who shops at supermarkets, or who shops at both and their reasons behind their food shopping habits. I aim to get my audience to think about things like boarded up shops in the area and how others are hardly ever open compared to the thriving supermarkets with busy car parks they pass everyday. My overall point of view is that grocery shops are becoming less relevant in our fast paced society, and I aim to put this point across in my documentary.
Synopsis Title Choice I decided to name my documentary ‘Open for Business’ because it is significant of old shop signs on the door in past times. Moreover it is ironic because it is more likely that local shops won’t be making much business in the weekday and some people are unaware of where and when these shops are open.
Target Audience My target audience would probably be people aged between 25-40 who watch channel 4 around 8 – 8:30PM after the news or their favourite soap, etc. I wouldn’t imagine anyone round the age of 16-20 would watch it because they would possibly find it uninteresting but if they did watch it they may find it insightful. However overall, it doesn’t seem like an issue to people that age because they will just shop wherever is cheapest and most teenagers aren’t aware of issues including the economy. Therefore people of age and who are interested in businesses and the economy, etc in Britain and people who are interested in social sciences, e.g. sociology and psychology may find it interesting and teachers of this subject may show it to their classes if it is an area they are studying. Families may also watch it together while waiting for another program.
Technical Aspects of filming Lighting – I will aim to use natural lighting and complete all my filming in the day and mostly outside. I will need to position my subjects at the right angle to make sure they are seen properly on the camera.
Sound – Sometimes sound doesn’t always pick up properly on the camera. Therefore I will have to position the interviewee in a quiet area where there is limited noise and make sure they speak clearly into the camera.
I will aim to use a mixture of shots and angles to make it interesting for the audience.
Voiceover and non diegetic music will be used in my documentary to inform the audience and entertain. I am relying on my script for my voiceover to deliver facts and statistics and to explain the documentary as a whole.
I will try and interview different genders of all ages to make it appealing to everyone.
I will include The smiths – Shop lifters of the world because it is intertextual of shops and people and the lyrics relate to supermarkets stealing customers off smaller, independent shops and also at the end of my documentary
I have included the part in the song that mentions Channel 4 because that is the channel I will air it on.
Narrative My documentary will be approximately 5 minutes

It will begin with a montage of archaic still images of grocery
shops and the voice over intro
Then a montage of moving and still images of modern
day supermarkets
Title – Open for Business
Vox pop of people discussing supermarkets
General view shot of people in Stockport
Shopping Bag scene with percentages and voice over
Interview with Bill Jones
Interview with Conneth Poland
Interview with Kerry Jones
Montage of still images of grocery shops
Vox pop of young people talking about grocery shops
Establishing shot of Woodley and Grocery shop
Interview with Fiona Tuncliffe
Second part of interview with Bill Jones
Montage of still images of Grocery shops and voice over
Ending with Bill Jones
Script Specialist shops like grocers and bakers used to be Britain’s number one source of food consumerism.
However the naughties saw the emergence of competing supermarkets such as Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Sainsburys start to dominate our society.
And now with additional multi purpose stores like Marks and Spencers and CO-OPS on every street corner
I wonder, just how relevant to people are traditional shops in our society
It was confirmed in an independent survey that at least ¾ of the population shop at supermarkets
11.3% at morrisons, 16% sainsburys, 16.3% Asda and a massive 30.6% at Tesco, 7% At Marks and Spencers and CO OP and only 3% for private retailers
With Tesco and other supermarkets offering such great service and introducing new techniques like self service, it seems independent businesses are no competition
But still why the decline in shopping at specialist shops? What is so unappealing about these shops in today’s generation?
It seems then that apart from the odd exception, many the aging population prefer to shop there occasionally, these shops show little appeal to the upcoming generation
Ideas/ Drafts My idea for the documentary was to get people to think about local shops in their area and where they shop. I am aiming for it to be more of a sociological idea, rather than including too much business, industry aspects of shops because obviously it would be hard to retrieve that sort of information.

The documentary will be in the form of a fly on the wall. There will be a voiceover, but an absent presenter.

I found a website that included shopping percentages, pie charts, reasons for people’s shopping habits, etc which will be really useful to me and help me to include some maths and facts in my documentary voiceover.

I am trying to include all age groups in my documentary to make it look as though everyone’s views on the subject are valid and shown.

It will obviously be harder to get older people to be in my interview because they aren’t as approachable as other members of society, therefore I may have to just include them as a statistic and in my voiceovers.

I will aim for my documentary to be informative and education and provoke a reaction from my target audience Permission to film Because I am filming in a business
environment and interviewing people
who were employed or owned
businesses I created a permission
form that they would read and sign.
This is an example of one of the forms
used for the Woodley Grocery store that I
scanned into the computer
Cast and Actors I am going to film all of the documentary and edit it myself

For actors I used a variety of friends and family for the opening sequence

I interviewed random people on the street for some shots as well

Main interviews:

Bill Jones as the manager of Tittersons Butchers

Kerry Jones as the employer of Tescos

The woman in the grocery shop

Conneth Poland
Shot List Establishing shot of Supermarkets – TESCO, ASDA, MORRISONS AND SAINSBURYS

Shot of supermarket bags

Est shot of Woodley

Est shot of Woodley Tittersons and Green Grocers

Long shot of shoppers in Stockport

Medium close up A symmetrical shots with all interviewees

Add in shots and images for each interview

Panning shot of fruit in green grocers and people outside shop

Shots of local shops in the area

1 line comments on camera about shops and supermarkets
Production Log Wednesday 3rd Feb
Pitch idea to media tutor

Friday 5th Feb
Write down and plan narrative
Decide types of interviews and questions or comments that
Are to be included

Saturday 6th Feb
Interview with Bill Jones at 10am. Establishing Shot of Woodley
Tittersons and Green Grocers

Sunday 7th Feb
Interview with Green Grocer Lady at 11:30am
Supermarket bags shot

Tuesday 9th Feb
Establishing shots of all local shops in the Area at 1:30pm

Friday 12th Feb
Establishing shots of all supermarkets at 12:30pm

Saturday 20th Feb
Interview with Kerry at 10:30am
Sunday 21st Feb
Two add in interviews with people in Woodley area

Tuesday 23rd Feb
Add in interviews in Stockport peoples views on
shopping, etc

Also interview with Conneth

Friday 26th Feb
General view shot of people walking through

Monday 1st March – Friday 19th March
Script final draft of voice over and decide on music
Choices and effects
Creating Ancilary products
Editing process

Saturday 20th Onwards
Presentations and evaluation work
Questionnaire results to ‘where do you shop?’ (asked to people aged 18-70) Questionnaire results to ‘would you watch a documentary that relates to food shopping and society?’ This was my first draft for my magazine article. I felt the journalism was ok but it was quite plain. Also my image was off google and I was directed to use one off my documentary. In addition to this I only have one similar product listed on there so there is a huge blank space in the bottom right which just looks unprofessional.
Ancillary product 1 - Magazine Article Draft 1 Ancillary Product 1 Final Draft Informative

Journalism included


Channel 4 Logo

Similar product added
Rhetorical question included

Time and date

Channel 4 Logo again

Photo from Documentary

Archaic Font
Ancillary product 2 Final Draft Preliminary Project For my preliminary project I
created a short movie about
teenagers living independently.

I was going to make it my main
product but it wasn't long or
detailed enough.

By completing this, I learnt about
camera movement, documentary
conventions and editing on movie

It also taught me where to add appropriate
titles and sound and to use a mixture of
still and moving images
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