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Online Medical Booking System

No description

Sharath Chandra Vanam

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Online Medical Booking System

Online Medical Booking System
Present System
Most of the systems are non-communicative with the patients.
Patient can't track his appointment status.
Proposed System
Patient no need to attend hospitals in person for placing an appointment.
Very easy appointment system that will show you all available doctors schedule in one click.
Present System
Proposed System
Use-Case Diagrams
DFD Diagrams
ER Diagram
Future Enhancements
• Can add any number of doctor and schedule.
• Doctor and Patients can view the booking details online.
• Each user must be identified by login id and strict password policy is applied to secure the system
The UI is very easy to access for everyone.
System is very secured.
ER Diagram
Use Case
Use Case Diagram : Patient Registration
Use Case Diagram: Make Appointment
Level 0 Data Flow Diagram
Future Enhancements
• Linking and integration of other legacy accounting systems.

• Integration with vendor/supplier database through Web Services for price updating

• Provide more online tips and help.
Link to the website
Advised By McCloud
Test Case
• Functionality—whether the required functions are available and working as expected

• Security—Well-protected user data

• Performance—whether the response times are within acceptable limits

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