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Middle School Physical Education: Coed Vs. Single-Gender

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Heather Zukus

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Middle School Physical Education: Coed Vs. Single-Gender

Single-gender physical education classes provide many benefits for the physical, psychological, and intellectual well-being of girls. Should secondary females students be taught in coeducational or single-gender physical education classes? •Educational Amendment Act of 1972

•Gender integration in school institutions

•Included physical education and athletics programs

•Provide equal opportunities for females in high school, collegiate, and professional athletics. TITLE IX Derry & Phillips, 2004
Hannon and Ratliffe, 2005
McKenzie, Marshall, Sallis, and Conway, 2000 Females get more opportunities to be physically active a single-gender environment. Hannon & Ratliffe, 2007
Lirgg, 1993
Treanor et al., 1998) Female students are more confident in their skills and game play, receive more opportunities to practice, and feel physically and emotionally safer without males in class. Why do we have to teach coed
physical education classes? Physical Benefits Psychological Benefits Derry & Allen, 2004
Griffin, 1983, 1984, 1985
Osborne et al., 2002 Female students would experience more opportunities to achieve learning objectives in physical education if they were in single-gender classes or groupings. Intellectual Benefits Legally separate genders
Provide equal equipment, facilities, time, & curriculum
General Curriculum - no specific lessons; each unit specifies skill development, movement concepts, & authentic experiences Teacher determines how much time is needed on outcomes depending on class needs
Occasional coed groupings - cooperative games, dance, equally skilled boys & girls engaging in a game
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