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Pretechnical Assessment VP - MedBiq 2010

Focusing and highlighting the preparatory phases of VP creation on educational, not technological, needs.

Rachel Ellaway

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Pretechnical Assessment VP - MedBiq 2010

Pre-technical Assessment
of Virtual Patient Designs Janet Tworek1 and Rachel Ellaway2

1: University of Calgary, Canada;
2: Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Canada Do you have a worksheet? Framework Problem statement ... but
effort and skills to build,
adapt and deploy
Focus on ... Understanding the educational context

Alignment and constructive alignment

Streamlining & improving tools

Prototyping cases in minutes

Aiming to significantly reduce time to deploy (TTD)

Aiming to significantly enhance success

Pre-technical Framework Worked Example Workflow is a framework that enables the VP building process

Next Steps PTA VPs poised to become major mainstream class of learning design How can we improve this?
Issues of scalability and adaptability
Novice users, creating VPs with SMEs (their time) platform instability + innovation
largely invested in tech Innovation in VP activity designs outstripping tech
Critical success factors no longer technical
They are co-constructed within the context of use
Context We model the interdependencies between
activity design
and context of application Ecology Niche Alignment For several decades the slow development of VPs has been predominantly technical the vast majority of virtual patients
were media rich and were associated
with significant costs and time the calculated associated effort for repurposing was 68 hours Oberle et al 2009 Huang et al 2007 What remains?
- Mapping between VPs and practice
- Growing diversity
- Ensuring alignment and integration How far does the PTA take us?
- beyond the machine, away from the toys
- ecological, systems-based perspectives
- sufficiency, niche, fit, parsimony
virtual patients likely to be 'as big as PBL'

from tech to teach

PTA: application, implementation, evaluation

... in context
23 Undergrad Directors
National Curriculum - 3 year project
Key Features
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