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Why was Ravensbruck one of the most atrocious camps during W

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Vidhi Rungta

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Why was Ravensbruck one of the most atrocious camps during W

Why was Ravensbruck one of the most atrocious camps during World War II?
What are Concentration Camps?
Concentration camps--> dreadful place where people were confined
Brutal Conditions
1933 and 1945, concentration camps were an essential attribute to World War II
SA, the SS , the police, and local civilian authorities regulated these incarceration camps
Imprison political opponents of the Nazi’s
Help them get rid of enemies since Hitler broke the rules of TOV
Concentration camps were a huge success for their campaigning (propaganda)
The beginning...
July 1934, Hitler appointed the Reich SS leader, Heinrich Himmler, to consolidate the management of the concentration camps
Ravensbrück --> major Nazi concentration camp for women
Camp was located about 50 miles north of Berlin
Location was chosen by Himmler
Commenced on May 15, 1939
867 women entered from Lichtenburg
First prisoners consisted German anti-fascists, which were Social Democrats, Communists Jews, and Jehovah's Witnesses
Atrocity of Camp Conditions
Camp enclosed with barbed wire
Clean uniforms--> beginning
Barracks built for 250 women
Increased to 1500-2000 women per barrack
3-4 women per bed-rest on floor
Hungarian women on straw
Plague from lice
Disease from water
Contaminated Conditions
Dreadful Daily Routine
4.00 am wake up
500 women waited to use the toilet
Went to work
soup at noon
Sundays women did not have to work
However, had to live in the intolerable barracks
How did concentration camps emerge?
Armistice---> Nov 11 1918
Soldiers turned to Nazis
Nazi's blamed the war's ills on Jews
Hitler became chancellor
Speeches, his rebellions, and his ideas and a bit of luck
Dictatorship--> major advantages
Could express his hatred for Jews, disabled people, anti-fascists, LGBTQ etc...
Punished Jews, disabled people, anti-fascists, LGBTQ through concentration camps
Camp Labour
Ravensbrück -->Nazi's main storehouse
SS factory for reproducing leather and textiles
Tailor department
Produce uniforms
Weave carpets
Construction of buildings and roads
Pave streets
V2 rocket parts for Siemens
Disabled women had to work
Knitting for the military
Scrubbing the barracks and toilets
12 hours daily labour
Medical Experimentation and Gas chambers
Gas gangrene or bacterial inflammations
Transplants and bone amputations
Pregnant Jews--> Gas Chamber
Non Jews--> Abortions
February 1945, a gas chamber was built
April 1945, between 2,200 and 2,300 were already killed
Too old-->gas chamber
April 30,1945 the soviets freed the camp
3500 immensely sick prisoners
Death March
50,000 women died at Ravensbrück
Enabled the Nazis to raise their dominance
Prisoners--> freedom

URL: http://www.deathcamps.org/gas_chambers/pic/map%20ravensbrueck.jpg
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