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Science Fiction Elements in "FRANKENSTEIN" by Mary Shelley

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katherine binstead

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Science Fiction Elements in "FRANKENSTEIN" by Mary Shelley

Science Fiction Elements in "FRANKENSTEIN" by Mary Shelley
what is science fiction?
plot summary

Plot Summary
As lighting strikes in the night Victor Frankenstein succeeds in the creation of human life. on that night a huge hideous arm reaches out of the tank and grabs him.the monster is rejected by Victor as Henry and himself go on a holiday to get away from it all but Victor hasn't told anyone about this monster. As Victor returns home he has found that the monster isn't there and has many letters from Elizabeth and his father. victor travels to see Elizabeth and his father and while they are eating Victor proposes. Victors father is really sick and about to die so he said to Victor and Elizabeth that he would like to see them get married. So later that day Victor sees the monster coming towards him and realizes that at this point he might die. the monster said to victor that he will be with you at the night of your wedding and he wants to have his own monster wife so he isn't alone. Victor and Elizabeth get married in Geneva and they travel away. the monster kills Elizabeth that night and runs away again and is no where to be seen again for a long time. A few months later the monster kills Victor on a ship.

for this story is mostly in the olden days and in the main characters laboratory. In the story Victor lives in Ingolsdadt and his father and Elizabeth live in Geneva so he travels back and forth to those two places. Also when Victor tries to get away from it all he goes to the Bavarian Alps and the night of the wedding is spent on a bland.
Victor Frankenstein-> he is the creature of the monster and a husband to Elizabeth.
Elizabeth-> wife of victor and a caring person towards Father.
Henry-> best friend to Victor and have been friends since boyhood.
Father-> dad to Victor and Father-in-law to Elizabeth.
What is Science Fiction?
Science fiction is made up through these main elements:
Setting (environment, place, time, atmosphere)
Point of view (1st person, 3rd person limited, 3rd person omniscient)
Characters (actions, speech, personality, type, appearance)
Themes (war, survival, human existence, exploring, threat of technology)
by Katherine Binstead
Quote from the book->
"My experiment is under lock and key" Pg 39 This quote explains how Victor Frankenstein is working on his creation of human life but it goes wrong so it is needed to be under lock and key.

Quote from the book->
"he spent two weeks away from Ingolstadt wondering the hills of Bavarian"
minor characters:
Professor Krempe-> the scientist who told Victor to create human life.
Walton-> man on board the ship with Victor.
Justine->killed by the monster and was also living with the family in Geneva.
William-> younger brother to Victor and was killed by the monster.
Quotes from book:
Victor- " If I could only kill it, no one need know". pg 46
Elizabeth- "I spend every Friday nursing the poor at the cottage hospital so there's no need to be coy" pg 66
Henry- "All i understand is that you have a fever and need to rest and that's the end of it". pg 39
Father- "I'm dying my son". pg 123
Professor Krempe- "No one has ever tracked down the home of the mind," pg 25
Monster- "Now i shall do so and you will listen until I'm finished. if you try to leave ill tear you limb to limb, i swear it." pg 76
The themes that are explored in the story are:
creating human life
the threat of technology
relationships between the monster and the creator.
Quote from the book:
"from the liquid, a huge hand shot out to grab him" pg 41
this quote explains that victor the creator has created a monster to be and that he wont be telling anyone.
The theme
creating human life
is fitted into the book on purpose to get the reader to understand that the creation of human life is a scary issue and is to be dealt with professionally.
The theme:
the threat of technology
is used in the book to make it a Science fiction by putting lots of elements in the story and through his seeking and the making of the monster.
Quote from the book:
"working over twenty hours each day, remembering only once or twice a week that he should eat, and sleeping on a filthy mat on the laboratory floor..." pg 29
for this book is very suspenseful and is creates a mood for the reader to be in while reading the story. It also changes atmosphere wile going through each chapter of the book.
Quote from the book:
"..he let his numb fingers drop to the reel of string. he took a few clumsy steps bin the direction of the tank and fell headlong among the empty jars" pg 36
The theme:
relationships between the monster and the creator
is in the book because it teaches us that no matter what size shape or kind you are he will still love you or maybe leave you and never return.
for the book changes through out the story but it is mostly raining and stormy with thunder and lighting.
Quote from the book:
"As he walked back to his lodgings through the thunderstorm, his shoulders hunched against the driving rain, he watched the lighting..." pg 27
quote from the book:
"if you had stayed with me in Ingolstadt,and taught me like any other father would have done, then i might have been able to understand good and evil". pg 76
The summary of the book "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley is said to be a science fiction through the use of characters, setting, theme and plot. These 4 elements give the book the sci-fi feeling about it and makes you feel as though you are in the book with them and experiencing what they are aswell. As it is not just a horror story it also asks questions about the purpose of science and the responsibilities of scientists.
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