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Connections between Pakistan and Animal Farm

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Mike Heyn

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Connections between Pakistan and Animal Farm

Connections between Pakistan and Animal Farm Pakistan and Animal Farm both have powerful forces that aren't part of the 'government'. Pakistan has the Taliban enforcing its own rules among the citizens. In animal farm, Napoleon's dogs are used to enforce rule. Malala Yousufzai is a women's and girl's right activist in Pakistan. She was asked by BBC to blog about life in Pakistan. Malala was shot by a Taliban squad on October 9th 2012 for her protesting women's rights.

"My younger brother does not like going to school... He said that whenever he saw someone he got scared that he might be kidnapped" (Malala). The dogs in Animal farm give a feeling of fear to the animals that makes them more likely to follow Napoleon's lead Swat Valley, Pakistan,
Where Malala Lives. The Taliban has full control of this Valley "Today, Islamic fundamentalists dream of acquiring a bomb. And with Osama bin Laden dead and al-Qaeda's relevance waning, how better to regain notoriety than to set off a nuclear weapon in some Western city?" (Joel Brinkley). This relates to Animal Farm because inside of Animal Farm once Old Major dies, this gives Snowball and Napoleon a chance to take rule over the farm. Through the use of the song Beasts of England Old Major had rallied the overall support of the animals to lead themselves and live independent.

"The singing of this song threw the animals into the wildest excitement. Almost before Major had reached the end, they had begun singing it for themselves"(Orwell 33).

"'Comrade Snowball will lead the way. I shall follow in a few minutes. Forward, comrades! The hay is waiting'"(Orwell 44). After bin Laden's death there was a lot of idea of how al-Qaeda could keep their power. Like how the animals lost their grip after the death of Old Major. "Beasts of England, beasts of Ireland,
Beasts of every land and clime,
Hearken to my joyful tiding
Of the golden future time" (32 Orwell).

Through the Beasts of England the animals gained their power after the death of Old Major The Taliban has been known to use timed attacks as a psychological tool to keep up the fear factory, Napoleon also displays the same kind of behavior at times while running the farm. An article off iHaveNet states “The Taliban have shown that they like to use such attacks at strategic times to make sure the threat they pose is not forgotten“ (Stewart). "Pakistan does not want to remain dependent on American assistance. We are well beyond that point"(Paul Bedard). This quote was about an attack in Pakistan that ended up killing only 12 people, though the Taliban reports the number is more towards 90. The author points out that even though not very many people died from the attack the Taliban is just trying to keep up an appearance. People in Pakistan claim that they no longer want/require U.S. aid Was there ever a time in modern day the US was attacked, possibly for this same psychological reason? Can you brainstorm how this assertion can relate to how the animals felt about something in Animal Farm? It was an inside job This relates to the Animals no longer wanting Mr. Jones to supply them with food, as they wanted to live on their own.

"At last they could stand it no longer. One of the cows broke in the door of the store-shed with her horn and all the animals began to help themselves from the bins. It was just then that Mr. Jones woke up...A minute later all five of them were in full flight down the cart-track that led to the main road, with the animals pursuing them in triumph"(Orwell 38-39). "Immediately the dogs bounced forward, seized four of the pigs by the ear and dragged them, squealing with pain and terror, to Napoleon's feet. The pigs' ears were bleeding, the dogs had tasted blood, and for a few moments they appeared to go quite mad"(Orwell 92). . . “Swat: Diary of a Pakistani schoolgirl (Malala Yousafzai) – . . BBC.“ Criticalapp. Wordpress, n.d. Web. 10 Jan 2013

iHaveNet. 10 Jan 2013

“Animal Farm” Sparknotes. SparkNotes LLC, n.d. Web. Jan . 11

Orwell, George. Animal Farm. New York, New York:New . . . American Library, 1946. Print. "Napoleon emerged from the farmhouse... with his nine huge dogs frisking round him and uttering growls that sent shivers down all the animals' spines" (Orwell 91).
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