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final proj

No description

Shohreh Tafreshi

on 11 April 2012

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Transcript of final proj

Dr.Ghobadian Eng. Darehshiri Instructors: Content Definitions
Arcitectural Case Studies Architectural Design

Case Studies Structural Design

Concept an Analysis Program
Site Analysis
Definition Definition of the Project:
Definition of Club:
Historical Background: Women's sport history:
A club is an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal.
Women's club is a group of interconnected activities that mainly concerns women, and holds functions specially for women and done by them.

Women's competition in sports has been frowned upon by many societies in the past. The English public-school background of organized sport in the 19th and early 20th century led to a paternalism that tended to discourage women's involvement in sports, with, for example, no women officially competing in the 1896 Olympic Games. This is a club for ladies in Ajman, It consists different types of activities, existed altogether in one place, and it serves primarily women and children in one place. This project helps the women to get lively apart from the work pressure, and will include vast green areas with athletic activities in the indoor. Arcitectural Case Studies Case study1: Dubai Ladies Club , Dubai Case study2: City Sports Hall / AG Planum, Croatia Case study 3: Sport & Culture Centre, Copenhagen Location: Dubai, UAE
Client : Government of Dubai
Building Type : Recreational & Social Center
Built up Area : 5500 m²
A large number of spaces are designed as outdoor spaces, these spaces are used as to have outdoor activities that varies from outdoor swimming pools, jogging track and playing areas. All this besides free open spaces to do outdoor activities like weddings.
The main purpose of creating Dubai Ladies Club is to provide a place for women to practice different social, cultural and recreational activities in absolute privacy where there is no men interference.
Case Study 4: Zamet Sports and Cultural Center, Rijeka, Croatia East Elevation
South Elevation
Cross Section
Longitudinal Section
Location: Varazdin, Croatia
Architect: AG Planum d.o.o
Construction Year: 2007-2008
Building Type : Sport Hall
Constructed Area: 19,500 sqm.
What was found in the beginning was a ‘Lichtung’ – an opening in the woods where the hall had to be placed. So the first thought was about a ‘lightholder’ – a place which is filled with light, and a ‘thing’ which doesn’t compete with this extraordinary natural landscape.
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Architect: Dorte Mandrup Architects B&K
Brandlhuber & co. Client: Copenhagen Municipality the Danish
Foundation for culture and sports facilities Construction Year: Completion 2006
Building Type : community center, culture, sport Constructed Area: 35000 m²
The project is located in a residential area where it’s simple idea of connecting the new building to four housing blocks.
This idea suggests that the building is at once a continuation of the built fabric of the neighborhood -and as such, an interior space- but also an outdoor public space.
Location: Rijeka, Croatia
Architect: 3LHDConstruction Year: 2007-2009
Building Type : Sport & Cultural Constructed Area: 16,830 m2
Client: Grad Rijeka / Rijeka Sport d.o.o
The center is a brand new building that will have a great impact on the local community. The project is a hybrid, with mixed use facilities: multipurpose sports hall, new library, civic center, local administration offices, bars, shops and a parking garage.
The building’s main architectural element are ribbon-like linear stripes stretching over the site in a north-south direction, functioning at the same time as an architectural design element of the object and as a zoning element which forms a public square and a link between the park on the north and school and B.
Program Site Analysis Site 1: Al-Nakheel District Site 2: Musheirf Commercial District
Site 3: Al-Rumailah District Concept Analysis The softest part of its composition is the Tulip .
I choose its shape as my concept to reflect the softness and precision of ladies in the building and these are the sketches of the shape Since the club is specially for ladies, the shape has to reflect their elegance, beauty, subtlety & passionate. Using suitable elements and concepts that shows the nature of ladies and states and explains their visual needs.
Structural Case Studies Case Study 1: Beehive (Hexagrid), New Innovated Structural System
Case Study 2 : Van Egeraat, Dynamo Stadium, Moscow
definition of beehive
system A major point of this design approach is to introduce a new structural system for Tall building. In this structural system (Hexagrid), almost all the conventional vertical columns are eliminated. Our approach is to define a unique structural system for Tall building in order to minimize additional system for lateral loads. Compared with other systems in Tall buildings, Hexagrid structures are much more effective in minimizing shear deformation because they carry shear by axial action of the diagonal members, while other structures carry shear by the bending of the vertical columns and horizontal spandrels.
Introduction: Tall buildings have great potential of creating sustainable built environments by their own nature. Compared with the cities with low-rise buildings, those with tall buildings use land more efficiently. Early designs of tall buildings recognized the effectiveness of diagonal bracing members in resisting lateral forces. Most of the structural systems deployed for early tall buildings were steel frames with diagonal bracings of various configurations such as X, K, and chevron. A major point of this design approach is to introduce a new structural system for Tall building. The hexagonal and diamonds were located along the entire exterior perimeter surfaces of the building in order to maximize their structural effectiveness and capitalize on the aesthetic innovation. This strategy is much more effective than confining diagonals to narrower building cores. In the hexagrid structure system, almost all the conventional vertical columns are eliminated. Our approach is to define a unique structural system for Tall building in order to minimize additional system for lateral loads (lateral system).
Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat has won a competition to redevelop the Dynamo Moscow Stadium and surrounding park in Moscow.
The structure design by Dr.Peyman A.Nejad Called VTB Arena Park, the project comprises the redevelopment of the Dynamo Moscow stadium and its surrounding park Erick a contemporary multifunctional urban regenerator, that will play a key role in transforming its wider surroundings. Erick van Egeraat’s 300,000-m2 multifunctional culture, health and sports centre will be developed on a 116,000-m2 site and will comprise a 45,000-seat Stadium Arena for Dynamo Moscow, a 10,000-seat Arena Hall, a Retail and Entertainment complex, restaurants, parking and other facilities.
The history of sports probably extends as far back as the existence of people as purposive sportive and active beings. Sport has been a useful way for people to increase their mastery of nature and the environment. One of the natural symbols that reflects the beauty and elegance in every ones mind is flower and its composition.
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