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Teen Leadership

Lesson 7: Self-Concept

Phoebe Borst

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Teen Leadership

Self-Concept Self-Concept
is formed
in 3 ways: 2. Social Comparisons 3. Reflected Appraisals L e t ' s R e v i e w 1. Social Experiences Our concerns about what
others think about us will
probably influence the way
we behave. Self-concept is what we come to
think about ourselves over time as
a result of our experiences with others.

It is our thoughts as we draw them
from others around us, but they
are still OUR thoughts. Teen Leadership The messages we accept
from our life experiences
help form our self-concepts. As we grow, we make judgements about ourselves by comparing ourselves to others. Social Circles of Influence Influences ~ Ages:
12-? Teachers, Coaches, Classmates Playmates, Friends Team-mates, Boss, Colleagues,
Boy/girl-friend, Spouse, Children Family, Caregivers "A girl like me" Featurette: Nick Vujicic: Dove "Evolution of Beauty" Dove Evolution "Male Verion" Dove Campaign: Mothers and Daughters Bebo Norman: Brittany
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