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Context Clues

A Lesson to reinforce Context Clues

carter jons

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Context Clues

Types of Context Clues There are 6 ways to use
context clues: 1 = Definition 2 = Synonyms 3 = Examples 4 = Compare / Contrast 5 = Classify 6 = Background Knowledge Definitions:

Mars has two satellites-tiny moons that revolve around it.

Sometimes definitions are given right after the difficult word.

What are satellites?

Next day Laura had a little chill and fever. Ma blamed the watermelon. But next she had a chill and a little fever. So they did not know what could have caused their fever and ague.

Finding a synonym can help you find the meaning.

What is ague?
“My parents were very athletic,” the President said. “My dad played on the baseball team in college, and he was a wonderful golfer. My mother was a very good tennis player, and she was fast!”

Use the examples in the text to help you understand.

What does athletic mean?
Compare and Contrast:

You should always know where on the field your teammates and opponents are.”

Compare and contrast. If you know what teammates are, you can figure out the opposite meaning.

What are opponents?

“Bill, a Canadian, was born on March 31, 1928, in the town of Floral, in the province of Saskatchewan.”

Use the similarities, some of which you know, to figure out words you don’t know. The town is in the province so a province must mean…

What is a province?
Background Knowledge:

“Suddenly, the hedge clippers caught a branch, and my left middle finger was pulled into the blades. I felt an excruciating pain. The tip of my finger was hanging by a thread.”

Use your background knowledge (life experience) of being cut or injured.

What does excruciating mean?
But First: And now you know about....
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