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Untitled Prezi

No description

Nurul Firzanah

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

ok.. from u're best buddy Selamat Hari Lahir..Aien..may Allah s.w.t bless u always ...and happy always..please forgive all of my mistakes...and ira to0...thank you for being my bestie..nor syah love u so much....saranghea..so what are u waiting for??? buat IC baru!!!! haha..sejujurnya ko dah matang...congratez..haha...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Noor Aien binti Dawi.. ini from Pinky Gurlz Incomplete or uncomplete? Kau tnya ak kmrin ni kan? Haha
Aku jwab incomplete sbb aku pnah dgar lgu mcr "is it hard understanding, im incomplete!" Haha, mcm tu la bnyi ny.. tp uncomplete pun mcm btul jg.. uncomplete mission gtu.. aku nda tau sbnar ny.. haha! Tp yg aku tau.. hdup ni incomplete/uncomplete without u!

*geli sdkit. Pa pun, happy bfday.. matang k! 18 sua

from the rockin' usatazah "happy birthday aienD ! wish you all the bestEST ! even if you're not TALL , I still LOVE you coz you're MUMBLER ~ " from pmbekal Richeese .happy befday...semoga trus tua dan jumpa jodoh yg sesuai"..haha.. ok?? ok.. now that u're 18 now..
here r some speeches
especially for u ! hehe.. sorry FC,.. we can't be together on your birthday.. and we really miss each other so much !!! so we just made u a prezi instead.. Norsyahila Mohammad Tombel Nurul Emyra Joseph Chan @ Muin Farah Hazimah Abdul Jaid Ras Hidayah Razidah Razul Nur Jannah Hamsah from mama Jane aepi buefday miaw...~
aepi buefday miaw...~
happy birthday t0 miaw...~
hehe..s0wi lambat ..
sanah helwa aien ..m0ga pnjag umur n murah rezki..
n jadi prof dr. hajah.. ^^ from Ms Luvcadbury Nurul Firzanah Baso hehe.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FC .. sorry ucap lmbat2.. apa pun.. have a wonderful 18 n i really misssss u sooo muchh !!! muah muah ! cehh.. ehhee.. later kita smua sama2 bjaya dunia akhirat yaa !! uhibbukafillah aien :)

*jgn lupa perjanjian kita ! and.. we edited some pictures specially made for YOU ! one more thing... hehe..sorry boss...
we miss u baahh~~ once again..
Happy Sweet 18 our dear friend.. we'll love you forever :) Qiara Ophelia Lim ok.. our perintis.. Hai aien gelabah .. haha..
Happy bday my dear..
Smga pnjg umr..
Hrp2 dpt jmpa d matriks k..
Rjin2 ambil kalsium k..hehehe..
Ily fren..
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