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LD Basics

For my new baby novice and teaching in the 2013 season!

Elise Clark

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of LD Basics

Douglas LD 2013 Lecture How to Learn Lincoln Douglas Basic Idea What a typical Lincoln Douglas Round will look like. Lincoln Douglas is a one-on-one moral debate. You will be debating unanswerable moral question. Resolved:
Targeted killings are morally permissible foreign policy tool.
A government has an obligation to lessen the economic gap between it’s rich and poor citizens.
Justice require the recognition of animal rights. It deals primarily with philosophical ideals and theories. Basic Moral Theories... Utilitarianism Deontology Fat Woman in the well idea... Greatest good for the greatest amount of people. The actions matter more than the end result. In a hypothetical situation, a fat lady is stuck in a well. In the well, is a group of people that are stuck underneath her. There is no way to get out, and the water is rising. However, the crowd does have a stick of dynamite. Is it moral for them to stick the dynamite on the woman, blow her up and get out? This would provide the greatest number of survivors (Util)? Or would you say it’s moral to never purposely kill someone, thus caring about the actions. (Deon)? Layout of a Round Value/Criterion The whole point of a round is to achieve your value.
The way a value can be achieved is through your criterion.
Real life example: you want an 'A' on the test (value) so you study for it (criterion).
Debate example: you want ot achieve morality (value) so you use consequentialism, or looking at the consequences to see if you achieve that (criterion). Examples Util: If you try to save someone, but you fail, then it is immoral because they still died. It doesn't matter if you tried.

Deon: If you try to save someone, but you fail, you tried and so it doesn't matter if they died. You still performed the moral action. Round Summary Times: 6-Affirmative presents case.
3-Cross-x. Negative asks questions.
7-Negative presents case and attacks affirmative case.
4-Affirmative defends and attacks cases.
6-Negative attacks, defends, and presents voters.
3-Affirmative presents cases.
*4-Minutes for prep time for each opponent.*
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