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The history of smartphone OS

No description

yang hwan choi

on 30 January 2017

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Transcript of The history of smartphone OS

ROM-DOS (1993)
- the True Smart phone (third part app, operated only for cellular phone, and customizable)
Palm OS/WebOS (2002)
- the os for Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
- seies of falures bring the miserable ending in early 2010
- still use for some of IoTs
Apple iOS (2007)
- The evolution of the mobile OS
- True replacement of PC
- App store
- a MS-DOS emulator
- Voice, email, FAX !!!
Symbian (2000)
Android (2008)
- Started with rival of the Symbian
- The ultimate Winner of the mobile OS (quantitatively)
Windows Phone (2010)
- Originally win 7
- refreshing Gui (tile type)
- Strong tie with other Win software (office, skype, Azure, X-box)
MeeGo (2011)
- the final attempt for nokia before die!
- co-developed (Nokia & Intel)
- close to a PC OS on smartphone hardware
Firefox OS (2013)
- another Linux-based (android)
- app run on the HTML 5 (same coding like web)
- serious universe UI problem
Windows CE (1999)
- Many names ( Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, or the Windows Smartphone)
- Window curtailed version / not so popular

BlackBerry OS (2002)
- Business oriented (Email and web browsing)
- the first OS operated with Coporate Communication system
Andrew Froehlich, A. (Ed.). (2015, March 16). Smartphone OS: A 22-Year History. Retrieved January 24, 2017, from http://www.informationweek.com/mobile/mobile-applications/smartphone-os-a-22-year-history/d/d-id/1319495?image_number=1

The history of Smartphone OS
AND More....
IF you still don't get it.
ILoveSchool (1999-2005) HIT-1999
- the first personal relationship building Website
- School Alumni network
- the most popular site in 1999-2000
- within a year total user: 5M (Total population in Korea 40M)
Daum Cafe (1999-Current)
- online community group service under DAUM.NET
- Currently total 1.6M cafes 34M users, 5.4B Posts.
- Still one of powerful online community in South Korea.
Naver Cafe /Blog (2003-Current)
- the first name was "Paper"

- first online blog in South Korea

- the user can manipulate the site

- In one year, the daily access exceed 0.5M

CyWORLD (1998- Current) HIT-2003-5
KaKao Talk (2010- current) The BEST!
- start with Messaging service

- group chatting, voice & video chatting

- alternative SNS service "KaKao story"

- KaKao pay (similar apple pay), KaKao taxi (Uber), KaKao Market

- The First Social network service in Korea
- the "IlChon" connection which is resemble with the making friend in the Facebook.
- 2007 lunched cyworld usa and Asia
- offer Mini-home page
What About In Korea?
The Extent is the total influence in maximum value in the pick year !

LEt's SEE~~~~~~
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