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creating urbansouq.com

No description

Rana El Sakhawy

on 4 December 2011

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Transcript of creating urbansouq.com

creating urbansouq.com www.urbansouq.com how i got the idea how i started working on it JUST START Do NoT TAKE IT PERSONALLY PUT IT OUT THERE BE CONFIDENT BECOME AN EXPERT Concept/ start why a transformation a boutique? an opportunity a place for middle eastern women like me acts as your personal stylist & most "in the know" friend international & local the starting point the limitations readers wanted more research
development the difficulties that would provide them with all the latest and newest in their city from fashion, beauty, culture & lifestle what it looks like now to compliment & complete the magazine registration process
trail & error
the learning process getting incubated the concept
how I started
transformation of urbansouq.com
where I am now/ the future
being in a startup environment
join urbansouq A start up is a company on the rise!
Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter...etc. If one day you want to become an entrepreneur Your mind will not go to waste.
School credit/ independent study A smaller team =
You wearing more hats = Greater exposure =
Better experience
You won’t get bored.
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