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Are Professional Athletes getting paid to much

No description

Randy Symington

on 20 February 2016

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Transcript of Are Professional Athletes getting paid to much

Professional Athletes Are Getting Paid too Much
Are Pro Athletes Making too Much Money?

After going through all the research, I believe strongly that most professional sports players are overpaid. It is unreasonable that a person should get paid millions of dollars the hit a ball or shoot a basket. It is only entertainment when people watch these players perform, and they aren't actually a necessity that we as people must have to survive. Some critics argue that professional players are worth what they are getting paid, because they are generating so much revenue for the owners and creating sales merchandise. But in reality that revenue is only for a very small group of people,and isn't benefiting a great number of people who really are in a struggle for money. Sports is drawing a lot of money away from the economy; which could be used towards more important professions such as fire-fighters, soldiers and doctors. Which are who we call upon in times of need not sports-players. These statistics are very evident when it shows that the average NBA player makes $5.2 million a year, and an Army sergeant makes only $32,000 on average. Therefore the facts show that sports players are way to overpaid.
Support/Not Support
Biased Research
One article stated that even though they thought professional athletes salaries seemed a bit high; they were getting paid their worth due the the ticket sales, sponsorships and merchandise sales they generate. Which makes their owns big money. The person who wrote this article was going to be sports agent, and the more athletes make the more sports agents happen to make as well. Therefore he was trying to show that some athletes deserve to get paid lots, because they are playing high profile sports. Thus in turn helping to raise his own revenue causing his approach to be a bit one-sided.
By: Randy Symington
The average salary for athletes in the four major American sports basketball, baseball, hockey and football are all over one million dollars annually.

Professional athletes are at constant risk of bodily injury during each game, but does that still constitute for the multi-million dollar salaries.

Big name athletes get paid millions compared to more important professions such as police-officers, soldiers, or doctors who get paid only a fraction of pro-sports players.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., a professional boxer was paid $ 90,000,000 int he last year. He received $ 32 million dollars in winning just ONE FIGHT on May 4 against Robert Guerrero. Doesn't that seem very ridiculous for a boxer to get that much money?
The overall message I have collected from the research I have gathered is that most of the general public, and many sports analysts feel pro-athletes are getting overpaid.It is very true the the average salary for the four major American sports is over one million dollars. The average salaries range from $5.2 million in the NBA to about $1.3 million in the NHL. In one article it . It states that sports players aren't benefiting anyone expect themselves and their owners who rack in big bucks from all the ticket sales and sports merchandise they generate.There is also a valid point made in two articles that sports players are; making much more than more important professions such as police-officers, soldiers or doctors. Doctors are more well off but their wage of $250,000 a year is a fraction NFL quarterback Drew Brees annually salary of $47.8 million dollars. In another article it mentions that not every sport outside of the major American sports pay that much money, but their participation is much lower. Overall the criteria from the article supports my thesis statement that pro athletes are getting paid to much.
Call to Action
The salaries of professional sports players need to be lowered. We need to show the sports industry how we think it is completely unreasonable that their players get paid millions to just play a game. Federal lawmakers should place restrictions on the amount of money these players are making. If we didn't these players so much; sport wouldn't be blown out of proportion, we could allocate more money towards more important professions, and players would be paid more in accord to what they accomplished.
Are Professional Athletes getting paid too much ?
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