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Work the city hall of cuenca

Work about the city hall of Cuenca.

Ana Rodriguez Alcover

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Work the city hall of cuenca

The City Hall of Cuenca It has the civil power.
It started to restored on the XVIII Century
by Jaime Bort in 1733 and it
was finished in 1762.
The architect wanted
to close the Mayor Square The city hall is an important baroque building in Cuenca.
It has a rectangular floor with tho diferents faces.
The first floor are formated for open archery whic can comunitates the mayor
squeare and the high Street.
The threeth has a big attic to compensate the aspect of noble building.
The back porch are made easier and with classic rhythm.
He has nobles balconies and windows in the top floor.
In the middle of this face it has a lion made of rock.
San Mathieu’s party is in September. The party celebrates the victory of Alfonso VIII in Cuenca. The people of Cuenca formate peñas. Peñas are associations of people who lives in Cuenca. In Cuenca there are a lot of diferents peñas and every peña has their place in the old twon. Saint Mathius

San Mathieu’s party starts in the Mayor square
in front of the city hall. The mayor give a pregon
in the city hall and the party starts.
In the celebration the people run in front
of a little bull around the old part of the city.
The bull passes under the arches of the city hall. The Saint Week The Saint Week is a presentation
with images of the
passion and resurrection of Crist.
The saint week of Cuenca
is very popular in Spain.
So many people go to see it This procession starts on San Felipe's church and It goes to the mayor square.Then it pass for the Audencia, Carreteria, the Diputation, El Salvador and It returns to San Felipe's church. The people of this fraternity wear a purple dress, red hood and a yellow belt Jesus de Medinaceli This procession starts on the cathedral. It pas for the
Audiencia and Carreria and it finish on Deputation.
The people of this fraternity wear white dress and white
hood and a red belt The saint dinner This procession starts on La Virgen de la Luz's
church, It pass for the Audience and the Mayor Square, And it returns to la Virgen de la Luz's
church. Nuestra señora la Soledad del puente. The people of this fraternity
wear a purple dress, a black
hood and a black and white
belt. On the left there is the scute of Cuenca, an arch and a baroque lamp. On the right there is the
attic of the city hall, It is the baroque face
and also the threeth floor of the city hall. The part simple of the city hall
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