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Adnan Afzal

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Evolution of Comic culture in Pakistan
Mango People started on 7th December 2011 whereas The KoolA's started on 30th October 2011
Our inspiration were Kachee Goliyan, Comics by Arsalan and Jay's Toons.
Mango People Comics and The Kool A's
What does Mango People mean?
Initial focus of Mango People was to highlight the hypocrite nature of "Aam Awaam".Hence the name
"Mango People"
Initial Response
Our Hamsafar comic was a hit and helped us gather a large fan base. People liked this new form of comics
The Team

Tayyab Tanvir -Creator/Head/Writer
Atta Haseeb -Co-Creator/Affairs
Adnan Afzal -Writer/ Manager/Affairs
Sheherbano Zaffar -Writer/Manager
Shahzaib Hussain - Writer/Artist
Ali Sufian Wasif - Writer/Moderator
Mango People reached 5000 fans in no time. Initially we used to put a daily comic which required a lot of hard work and consistency
We worked on many animations too from time to time
The downs
Having so much controversy on the page, we decided to set a lighter tone and introduced a cute young character called Piddi who was loosely based on Sarah Anderson's character
Piddi represents a desi child with her desi problems. Ever since her introduction, the page has become viral and is now the leading Facebook comic page of Pakistan with 475k+ fans
Our comic on blasphemy event back in 2012 became viral as well and people started bashing us showing zero tolerance level. This made us start a series on teaching people tolerance.
We launched our own merchandise. We started with mugs with customized Piddi character on it and will be launching Piddi T shirts soon..
Going Commercial
The KoolA's comic mostly depicts hypocrisy prevalent in our society and tries to give peaceful messages in order to develop tolerance among people
The Kool A's
The Kool A's
Other Projects
Made a video this August named Jinnah ki Qaum and are planning to make more such videos

Created an online video game called "Mango People". Piddi based games are also part of our plan

Working on comic books

Why comics?
A great medium of expression

Points and issues are well driven home through comics

People appreciate the art and then ultimately go through the message being portrayed

Comic industry of Pakistan, Then and now
Back in 2011, we had multitude of comic pages named :
Kachee Goliyan
Comics by Arsalan
Mango People
The Kool A's
The Desis
Jay Toons
Alid Art
Epic Fail Duo
MT Comics
With passing time, many pages shut down due to inconsistencies
Contact us

Adnan Afzal

Tayyab Tanvir
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