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Life After AmeriCorps-Using Your Ed Award

Making the most of your experience

Charlette Kremer

on 29 March 2018

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Transcript of Life After AmeriCorps-Using Your Ed Award

Optical Mouse
Doesn't use a rolling ball but instead uses a light and small optical sensor.
Cordless or Wireless Mouse
Communicates with the computer via radio waves often using BlueTooth hardware so that a cord isn't needed. These mice usually need some internal batteries to work.
Most laptop computers have a touch pad pointing device. You move the cursor by sliding your finger along the surface of the touchpad. The buttons are located below the pad or on the pad itself.
Life After AmeriCorps

Reflect. Plan. Act.
Stage 1: Ending or loss
Sad or angry about loss of AmeriCorps affiliation.
Ensure project is left in good hands.
Plan to say goodbye and formally end service.
Stage 2: Severing connections and letting go
Feelings of emptiness, confusion
Take small steps toward future.
Short-term planning.
Ask for help moving on.
Stage 3: Finding a new beginning
Need to take action and concentrate on goals
Actively work on achieving goals.
Working on next steps.
Reflection: Accomplishments and new skills
Questions to get you started
What did you do well?
What are you most proud of?
What do you wish had been different?
Do you believe you made a difference? If so, how? If not, why not?
Since your AmeriCorps or VISTA experience began...
How have you changed as a person?
How are you different as a friend, spouse, family member?
How have you changed as a community member?
How have you changed as a worker?
List your skills and other things you've learned during your service term.

Begin each item with an action verb.
Wrote, edited and designed a community newsletter.
Monitored program expenses.
Organized and conducted community service projects.
Tutored kindergarten students.
Marketed our service project to potential volunteers.
List your accomplishments
Use a verb first and be specific.
When you can, use numbers.
Be accurate.
Include training you received.
Wrote six newsletter that were distributed to 500 community members.
Completed 1720 hours of tutoring at a correctional facility.
Raised $1,000 in donations to purchase playground equipment.
Recruiting Your Replacement
Recruiting and Retention Goals
100% Recruitment
100% Retention

YOU are our best recruiting tool!
Who would you recruit?
Students and recent graduates
Current volunteers
Now it's your turn
Think about what you would say in 30 seconds or less to convince someone to consider AmeriCorps service.
Make a list of people you know who would enjoy AmeriCorps.
Share that information at your table.
AmeriCorps Positions in 2015
Applications in 2014
More than 580,000
1 million+ since 1994
Social Media
Newspaper Ads
Press Releases
Online Postings
College Job Boards
Stay connected with service partners
Mentor new members
Assist with service projects - idaho@play
Provide training (orientations, Serve Idaho Conference)
Staying connected:
Facebook: @IdahoAmeriCorpsAlums @ForAmeriCorpsAlums
Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram: @AmeriCorps Alums
Free tax returns
Professional development
Local service opportunities
Career assistance
Program updates
Health benefits marketplace
Benefits of Membership:
Free tax returns
Career planning resources
Professional development opportunities
Call to action notifications
Fellowships, internships, awards
Your Education Award
Going to school?
Pay loans?
Transfer award?
No idea?

Going to school
Fill out FAFSA's "Additional Financial Information/Student Grant and Scholarship Aid" section - nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Be active in financial aid process:
Meeting with the financial aid office = job interview so be prepared.
Notify them of Education Award - but don't want to use if you'll lose other aid.

Avoid losing aid!
Ed award = savings account. Use it only when you absolutely have to.
Aid based on need - using your ed award too soon may lead to lost financial aid.
"I have an AmeriCorps Education Award, but I don't want to use it if it might cause me to lose aid."
Living allowance, ed award, loan interest not considered income for financial aid purposes.
for institutions that:
Match Ed Award
Provide scholarships for alums
Grant credit for service

Tips for talking to schools:
Use GI Bill to attend school
Use Ed Award for "school gear" (computer, digital camera, internet connection)
Student loans:
Average undergraduate debt - $19k
Think strategically.
Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Wipe out loans in 10 years

Income Based Repayment

Transfer award AmeriCorps ONLY:
Child, grandchild, foster child
10 years to use
7 years to decide or revoke transfer
No additional award if they serve
Consider tax liabilities for recipient
Don't know?
7 years to use award
Be creative
Ed Award is taxed so plan carefully

Use 1040 not 1040 EZ to take advantage of tax breaks.
Commonly Asked Questions
Q. Why is the ed award disbursed in two separate payments and not a lump sum?
A. Federal rules require that payments >$10
have to be split.
Only applies to payments for education expenses, not loan payments.
The payments are not based on the number of ed awards you have.

You have two $5000 education awards and your eligible educational expense is $30,000.

You can make the entire amount of both awards available with one payment request and the total authorized amount of $10,000.

Payment will be split into two disbursements of $5000.

If you submit a request for a lump sum payment to your qualified student loan, the payment will be disbursed as a single $10,000 payment.
Q. What kind of student loans can you pay with your ed award?

Federal student loans?
Private student loans?
Parent Plus loans?
State issued loans?
All of the above?
Not sure?
Q. Can the award be applied directly to the principal rather than the net terms of the loan?
A. Ask your lender, they may honor your request but usually reserve the right to apply as they see fit.
Q. How long does it usually take to process a loan payment to a lender?
A. It depends.
Paper requests are processed within 30 days of lender certification.
Requests submitted through my.americorps.gov are automatically set up for payment once the lender certifies the request.
Q. I sent in my request for forbearance several days after I started my service and it still says "pending." Do I have to contact my college?
A. Yes, contact your college and inform them of the pending action.
Q. Do I have to use my ed award to have my interest repaid?
A. No, but you must earn an ed award to get the appropriate portion of your accrued interest paid. The paper and electronic processes have separate forms for interest accrual requests.
Q. I wasn't aware that AmeriCorps would pay the interest accrued during my service year so I've paid it this year. Can AmeriCorps refund me those payments as well as the interest that is accruing now?
A. AmeriCorps cannot refund you the interest payments that you have already made. You are still entitled to have the interest that accrued during your term of service applied to your loan. You will need to contact your lender to see how the funds will be applied.
Q. Do AmeriCorps members serving quarter time (ed award only) receive interest reimbursement?
A. Yes, as long as you earn an education award.
Q. Is it more beneficial for tax purposes to spread out the award money or to use it all at once?
A. Make sure to consult a tax professional before you use the award to be aware of tax brackets. To truly understand your options you have to take into account information that we are not privy to.
Q. Is there a resource to find out how much money bumps me into the next tax bracket?
Q. Do I owe taxes on the ed award in the year I receive it or in the year I use it?
A. The tax liability is incurred when the education award is disbursed.
Q. How do I use the Ed Award for educational costs other than tuition (books, computer, etc)?
A. Eligible Cost of Attendance is determined by your school using the guidelines set forth by the Department of Education. You will release ed award funds to institution and they will reimburse you.
Q. If my institution isn’t registered to use our education award can I request the institution to sign up to accept ed awards?
A. Yes. However, you should still submit your request through the My AmeriCorps system and they will attempt to get the school to register.
Q. Can the ed award be used for certification processes like ESL certification?
A. Yes, if these certifications can be found at qualified institutions that will consider you to be enrolled at the institution when taking the training or certification.
Q. Is it possible to use the ed award to pay for a work/study program abroad?
A. Yes, as long as it is a Title IV school and the school considers you to be enrolled in the institution.
Q. What is the process for transferring your award to a child?
A. Complete instructions are in the handout. Call the National Service Hotline at 800-942-2677 if you need assistance.
Use 1040 not 1040 EZ to take advantage of tax breaks.

Positions available in Idaho in 2013
Applications in Idaho in 2013
Morgan Tracy
AmeriCorps NCCC
Ralph Munro
AmeriCorps VISTA
Washington Secretary of State
Ray Magliozzi
AmeriCorps VISTA
Host of "Car Talk"
Martin Heinrich
U.S. Senator from New Mexico
Sasheer Zamata
Saturday Night Live Cast
Amy Wallace Evans
AmeriCorps VISTA
Coeur d'Alene City Council Member
Holly Brown
Idaho Healthcare for Children and Families AmeriCorps
Certified EMT
Michael Mendive
Lewis-Clark Service Corps
Dean, Pocatello Community Charter School
Winner, Brightest Stars Award for Volunteer School 2016
April Durrant
AmeriCorps VISTA
Idaho State Director, CNCS
Kayla Ludwigson
AmeriCorps VISTA
Program Officer, CNCS Idaho
Charlette Kremer
AmeriCorps VISTA
Chair, Serve Idaho Commission
Mark Runsvold
Lewis-Clark Service Corps AmeriCorps
Jeopardy Winner
Jeopardy Tournament of Champions Semi-Finalist
Total Winnings: $203,800
Skills Inventory
How we recruit members
Tax Bracket* Single Married, Filing Jointly Head of Household

15% Bracket $9,325-$37,950 $18,650-$75,900 $13,350-$50,800

Ed Award: $5,920

Make sure to consult a tax professional before you use the award to avoid joining higher tax bracket.
For more detailed tax bracket information visit taxfoundation.org.

*As of January 2018 **Source: Tax Foundation
$3,300,000,000 since 1994

$7,737,725 since 1994

Q. For alums that are retired, what are educational travel options?

A. Consider study abroad classes. Road Scholar is also a good option. http://www.roadscholar.org.
Keep in mind:
The beneficiary of the award has 10 years (not seven) to use the award from the date when the transferring individual completes a service term. Remember that children seven or younger will be 17 or younger when the award expires and might not have a chance to use it.
You can transfer the award to a child, grandchild, or foster child. You CANNOT transfer it to other family members, mentored children, or scholarship funds.
Transferring an award affects the ability to receive future awards. If parent gives a child two full-time awards, neither parent nor child can receive awards in the future.
Kara Brascia
AmeriCorps VISTA
Serve Idaho Commissioner
Middle East
South Pacific
The Americas
VISTA members may not transfer education awards. Transfer applies to AmeriCorps only.
Reflecting on experiences
Skills assessment
Recruiting your replacement
AmeriCorps Alumni Association
Using Your Education Award
Heather Luff
AmeriCorps VISTA
Grants Management Officer, Serve Idaho
Colleen Showalter
Ameriorps VISTA
Serve Idaho Commissioner
Don Heuer
Serve Idaho Commissioner
Idaho Applicants
Positions Available
George R. R. Martin
Author, Game of Thrones
AmeriCorps VISTA
Kirstin Mann
AmeriCorps VISTA
Project Coordinator, Serve Idaho
Only state issued or federally secured loans qualify for ed award payments (Perkins, Stafford)
Q. What are eligible education expenses?

For-credit class at a university?
Non-credit class at a community college?
Sailing class in Mexico?
GRE test prep course?
Class supplies?
All of them! IF they are through a Title IV institution and if they consider you enrolled at the school.
Using Your Ed Award
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