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Formation and history of stock markets (Vznik a história burzových trhov )

presentation for english lesson

Dominika Man

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Formation and history of stock markets (Vznik a história burzových trhov )

...from random meetings
to stock markets as we know them... Formation and history of stock market -14th century
- centres of long- distance business
( Venice, Milan,Florence ) - free access to the meetings
- irregularity
-near factories and houses of important merchants :
Van der Buerse A bond from Dutch East India Company
dating from 1623 for the amount of 2400 florins. -memberships
- acces only for wealthy members
- first rules of trading

Van der Buerse´s house -industrial revolution
- industrial expansion motivated another development of stock markets
15th and 16th century ... ...18th and 20th century Berlin London Paris Amsterdam -after Great depresion in 1929
regulations from goverment Tokyo New York Sao Paolo Chicago -first shares - East Indian Company
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