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Columbia University International Research Institute for Climate Prediction

No description

Lauren Gryder

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Columbia University International Research Institute for Climate Prediction

architecture. entomology.
the building and the bug. lauren gryder project_two caenidae columbia univ.
research institute
for climate prediction Rafael Viñoly, Architect _Started a career in architecture in his native South America and relocated to New York City in 1979
_Has practiced for over 45 years
_"Architecture is a dialogue with the forces of life."
_"To me, this makes architecture the most unique form of artistic endeavor."
_Designed the Columbia University Research Institute for Climate Prediction building (Monell Building) in 1999 to be "responsive to the site's historical and natural context" the site ` Monell Building Family Caenidae _26 species
_Square shaped operculate gills on second abdominal segment
_Cling to aquatic plants and breath with gills
_Gill covers, or plates, protect the gills
_Inner edges of gills meet _purposeful use of natural materials
in the design
_blurs the distinction between the building
and the landscape even further _space dedicated to the study of the Earth
and changes in climate
_international research facility The Monell Building: Function _Palisades, New York

_Adjacent to the Hudson River

_Driving factor in entire design symmetry segmentation & order overlapping gill covers overlapping wings
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