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Social networking for readers

Focusing on how and can be used by teachers.

Courtney Walters

on 27 July 2010

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Transcript of Social networking for readers

It's this difference that makes me think that GoodReads is a better resource for teachers.* and Are two examples of how social networking sites have grown to cater to readers. "Goodreads' mission is to get people excited about reading. Along the way, we plan to improve the process of reading and learning throughout the world." "LibraryThing is an online service to help people catalog their books easily." Functionally, they are very similar. You can create a profile.... ...add friends... ...and find books. Where the two differ is in their mission, or purpose: Though this is really a personal preference. How can GoodReads be used by teachers? Create groups review Students can see what their classmates are reading. Teachers can connect & find out what others are assigning. Rate the book... Comment on friends' reviews for an asynchronous book discussion. Friends' reviews... ...and other Goodreads member reviews can shape your understanding of the subject, the story, or the writing. You can take a compatability test to see whether you and a friend or classmate have similar tastes in reading material. connect Organize read Use Goodreads to keep track of books you've read, and want to read. down some thoughts... ...or write a full review. Add them to various "bookshelves" to organize them. Add books to the bookshelf Post photos and event details Create and participate in discussions
Keep in mind that comments made will be viewable by every member of GoodReads! Don't forget that GoodReads is my personal preference. Though it's mission is the organization of books, LibraryThing can be used in the same way I've described, as can other social networks devoted to books and reading. Create and participate in polls and quizes.
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