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Between shades Of Gray

No description

Kausar Amjad

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of Between shades Of Gray

Between Shades Of Gray About The Book Our Connections Sonika Kausar Cool Fact! Ruta Sepety, the author is the daughter of a Lithuanian refuge. Who Are NKVD Officers? Why Were People Sent To Concentration Camps? People such as democrats, socialists, political prisoners and Jews were sent to concentration camps because Hitler disliked many types of people. Due to his hatred he sent these people to get exterminated. What's The Main Idea? Short Summery About The Book This book takes place in Siberia at the time of 1941 The Main Characters Lina Villkas - The 15 year old girl, who the book is mostly about. She likes to draw and paint scenery's, average little things. Elena Villkas-
Lina's Mother is courageous, over protective and caring for others as well as her own kids Jonas Villas- Lina's little brother who is 10 years old and loves to be active. Lina, a normal 15 year old had a normal life before NKVD officers hauled her and most of her family away to a camp in Siberia from Lithuania. Her father however was sent to a prison. During the time she was at camp she fell in love with a boy named Andruis. Lina and her family were again put in a cart to go to the Arctic. With the freezing temperatures and non-padded winter wear most of the people were left to die. Including the one and only Lina's mother. As later she found her father had also died, with a gun shot in to his chest. This story is a blast in the past about how at the time of Hitler many people had been tortured and tormented. Where Did This Book Take Place? This is a type of crate Hitler used to transport people to different camps. The main idea of "Between Shades Of Gray" is that love can hold you and everyone around you together, when you're going through tough times. NKVD officers are German soldiers, who controlled labor camps, as well as distinguish people who did not belong. An NKVD Officer Looks Like This This book reminds me of when Lina's mother died in the the freezing cold. As when i was little my parents went to New York and left me with my cousins. My parents got stuck in buffalo at the airport. I though they would get hypothermia in the freezing cold, and not survive. This book reminds me of a video i watched on Kony 2012. In this video there was a guy named Joseph Kony who kidnapped hundreds of African children and forced them against their will to become his slave soldiers. Kony made these slaves kill their own parents, if they refused he would torture them instead. I believe Kony did this to spread fear in the kids, so that he can get control over them and make them do whatever he wanted them to do. As Hitler did the same thing to children and adults during his days. These Two People Are Alike Joseph Kony Hitler We Hope You Liked Our Prezi By Kausar & Sonika By Ruta Sepetys
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