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Literary Terms in Night by Elie Wiesel(Block 6:Heather Tran)

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Erin Strange

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Literary Terms in Night by Elie Wiesel(Block 6:Heather Tran)

Simile-Pg. #22
"If anyone who is missing, you'll all be shot, like dogs."
Metaphor-Pg. #51
"I felt that she wanted to say something but was choked by fear."
Climax-Pg. #25,26
"Our terror could no longer be contained. Our nerves had reached a breaking point."
Foreshadowing-Pg. #22
" 'Fire! I can see fire! I can see fire!'
There was a moment of panic. Who was it who had cried out? It was Madame Schachter."
Metaphor-Pg. #53
"...and blows continued to rain down on him."
Literary Elements of

This meant that they were looked upon as if they were no better than animals
It means that she wanted to talk but was too afraid to speak up.
This means they were tired of being scared and nervous of the Nazis.
Madame Schachter foreshadowed the upcoming events that would cause millions to die in ovens
This meant that people continued to hit him relentlessly.
Repetition-Pg. #34
"Never shall I forget..."
This line was repeated seven times throughout the book and it shows that what is horrible can not be forgotten even with time.
Metaphor-Pg. #115
"From the depths of a mirror, a corpse was contemplating me."
This metaphor meant to show that he was emaciated and looked like he was dead which was a better emphasize than just saying he was thin or skinny.
Simile-Pg. #32
"The antechambers of hell must look like this."
This is comparing the antechambers at the camp to the fire in hell.
Metaphor-Pg. #65
"That night,the soup tasted of corpse."
This is saying that it tasted dry and as if it was poisonous or just very bad
Personification-Pg. #32
"My father's voice tore me from my daydreams."
It's saying that his voice took him out of his daydreams and back to reality but use tore when a voice can not tear something.
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